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  1. Full sim of mainland (M) for-sale now! 2x Protected! Amazing name (Blake), sailable, protected. Visit to verify (owned by RentalMaxx, my rental group). Make an offer below.
  2. For lease by RentalMaxx: One full homestead sim, Truva. EM rights included (set up ASAP after initial payment) for you and up to three others. The land is for sale at L$6900, which covers your first week of tier (if it isn't for-sale, someone beat you to it). Just buy the land for instant access to build, terraform, etc, and we'll have your EM rights and a tier box at our main office set up ASAP. There's a display home there, feel free to return everything when you take posession of the place, it's just there for show (or I'd be happy to leave it there if you'd like a place to hang out while you put your build together). This isn't some low-price-now-pay-more-later promo, the sim is L$6900 a week as long as you'd care to stay (hopefully you'll be with us for a long long time, but a week is NP if that's what you need). Please contact Angie Tairov or ptower76 Resident inworld for more information, or just stop by and grab it. :) Region Name: Truva Edit: First sim leased out within hours, changed sim name to reflect newly opened one Thanks! -Angie Tairov Owner, RentalMaxx RentalMaxx: Small enough to care, big enough not to go poof. ;) Visit our main office anytime if you'd like: Vacit (207, 234, 67)
  3. We just had one open up, come get it while you still can! The deal is simple, no strings attached, no silly promo pricing that goes away - just one wonderful homestead sim, EM rights for you and up to three others included at no extra charge... For Only L$7K/wk! The land is for-sale at L$7K right now (that payment covers your first week of tier), so you can take posession right away and build. We will add EM for you and set up a tier-box for future payments ASAP once you take posession of the land. Come grab yourself a great homestead at a great price today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bodrum%20Elite/126/129/23
  4. RentalMaxx has two full homesteads for lease! Come grab one or both quickly, as these deals don't last. No silly promo pricing here - they are full homestead sims, L$7K a week! Since they are independant sims, the only rules are your rules. EM rights are included (can take a day or two to establish) for you and up to three others. The land is set to sell for L$7K, this is your first week's lease payment so you can start building immediately if I'm not around. I'll set up a tier-box for you at our main office after you lay claim to to the land, of course charged-up from the moment you bought the land. Come grab yourself an awesome homestead (nice names, too) while you still can! :matte-motes-smile: Bodrum Elite: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bodrum%20Elite/128/128/23 Antalya: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antalya/173/90/33
  5. Sold! -- Keep an eye out here or contact me in-world, though - We'll have more soon! -Angie Tairov
  6. That's right folks - we've got another homestead up for lease at L$7K! EM rights included with lease (generally well within 48 hours). You don't have to wait for me to be online to snag this one - the land is for-sale at L$7K, just buy it, start setting up, and I'll put up a tier-box for you ASAP (as well as issuing those EM rights). High performance full-homestead-sim, 3750 prims... Perfect for whatever residential or commercial project you have in mind. This isn't some promo deal - that L$7K rate is good as long as you'd care to stay. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antalya/164/95/43 -Angie Tairov
  7. Well, that didn't take long - our recently vacant homestead is now leased out - thanks to all who inquired! I'll post here as soon as we get another one available, or just contact me in-world if you have a need for one of the several land-parcels or rental homes we still have available. Thanks to all! -Angie Tairov
  8. We've just had a long-term resident move out of one of our L$7K homesteads, so it's back on the market! Come visit today, region-name is Sahil, a full homestead for the ultimate in performance for your residential/commercial use! The land is for-sale at L$7K, which covers your first-week's tier. We'll set up a tier box for subsequent weeks shortly after you take posession of the land, and of course EM rights for you and whomever you might want to be added are included. Visit RentalMaxx today for all your homestead/full-sim, and parcel needs (skyboxes too!). Just IM me (Angie Tairov) if I can be of personal assistance, or stop by and grab this steal-of-a-deal anytime! -Angie Taiorv, Owner, RentalMaxx
  9. Bodrum Elite is now leased too! But we've got more homesteads in the pipeline - just IM me in-world if you're interested in getting on the list for one. -Angie Tairov
  10. Antalya is leased! Just one left... Snag Bodrum Elite while you still can! -Angie
  11. LandMaxx Estates is proud to announce the availability of 2 more homesteads in our portfolio, both are now availavle for lease at only L7000/wk! Full EM rights, of course. This isn't a promo price of some kind - the L$7K rate is good as long as you care to stay. :) Instant access - just stop by and buy the land for L$7K, and that covers your first week of tier. Then we'll rezz a tier-box for you either on your sim or at our office to save you a prim (and allow you to terraform without concern for the box). Come visit today! Bodrum Elite: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bodrum%20Elite/122/135/23 Antalya: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antalya/57/90/39 LandMaxx Estates/RentalMaxx Main Office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vacit/208/228/67 I look forward to meeting you! Please feel free to IM me in-world if you have any questions. :) -Angie Tairov
  12. We have recently opened a nice large (6144sqm) parcel for rent on Blake (wonderful sim name!) with a generous 1606 prims available (more available if needed)! Parcel is protected and sailable, a must-see for anyone interested in boating, beaches, or just the finest land mainland has to offer! Only L$2100/wk! Sure, there are less expensive parcels for rent in SL, but none like this. :) Come on by and have a look today, and feel free to IM Angie Tairov if you need something smaller, or private esate land, skyboxes, or pretty much anything in SL that can be leased. :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blake/92/103/23
  13. This may a bit of an unusual request, but qutie possibly some nice extra income if you have a sim sitting idle waiting for sale or whatever... I need to rent a full private-estate sim for a period of 48 hours for a construction project. Flat is best, but we can put a platform over it if not. It will not matter if it adjoins another sim, and we'll have it cleaned up, prim-free and ready for whatever you do with it next by the time our rental is over. Just contact me in-world (I get IMs offline, or drop me a NC), and make an offer I can't refuse. The first offer of L$4000 seals the deal, otherwise we'll go with the lowest offer. We will need this rental within the next week, and if you happen to sell it or arrange a longer rental before our rental starts, no problem - we'll just reschedule the project. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you. :) -Angie Tairov
  14. Well, alas it is time to sell one of my favourite parcels. 4096sqm in Adrift... It has fabulous views of the sea from 3 directions, and the neighboring structures are nice - none of the ugly stuff you find in a lot of mainland areas. Take a look around on the map - the only (small) parcels in the area are priced high. This one is a flat, square 4096 - perfect for whatever you might like to do with it. I need the tier for other purporses, so I'm letting this one go to sell now-and-not-later at L$1/sqm, L$4096 takes this one to the first one to show up with the cash. I'll hate to see it go (please come visit, the view is worth it even if you don't plan to buy it)... Thanks! -Angie Tairov http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adrift/86/101/41
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