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  1. Join fans of Innsmouth, Dunwich and the Lovecraft Festivals as we celebrate... Innsmouth's 10th Anniversary! and... H.P. Lovecraft's 129th Birthday! The 2019 Innsmouth Festival! August 20 thru 27, 2019! Opening Ceremony - August 20, 5:00 p.m. ...followed by a week of live readings and music, entertainment and events, and 20 market shops! Land at the Miskatonic University of Arkham, Massachusetts, and explore Lovecraft Country! Explore Lovecraft Country! Featuring Arkham, Innsmouth and Dunwich, Massachusetts, and a trolley tour to tribute sites of va
  2. Innsmouth is excited to bring to town the Guerilla Burlesque! -- presenting HALLOWE'EN REPRISE, an encore performance of their truly astounding stage show originally presented at this year's SL-renowned Lovecraft Festival! SHOW SCHEDULE: Saturday, October 14 6:00 pm SLT: Pre-Show DJ Party hosted by cherryblossom 7:00 pm SLT: HALLOWE'EN REPRISE - The Main Event! ...and stay around after for more DJing courtesy of cherryblossom! An all-around great event for a Saturday evening! Guerilla Burlesque has be
  3. MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! Saturday, Oct. 29, come to Innsmouth, where we have a full schedule of music for everyone! >> The Metal Edge of JoAnn Hax! 3:00 pm SLT - Join us as JoAnn Hax "possesses" the Opera House, and slices it up with metal-maniacal mayhem! Two hours of rocking the foundations, and possibly waking Innsmouth's shoggoth before it ends! Opera House: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innsmouth/110/149/26 >> LIVE! The Innsmouth Sea Chanteys with Wald Schridde! 5:00 pm - Renowned musician and singer Wald Schridde returns to the waterfront atop the wreck of t
  4.  Two Top-of-the-Line Live Industrial Metal Artists under One Roof! WHEN: Wednesday, Sept 14, 2016 2L30-4:30pm SLT WHERE: Innsmouth Opera House http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innsmouth/110/149/26
  5. Chic, that's a great image - I'd know that scene anywhere ;-) I've lost loads of inventory off and on over time as well, and can feel for you there. As you, I fell in love with Innsmouth early on (my 2nd day in SL) and at that time had no idea I'd be the founder/coordinator of a fairly significant annual event (Lovecraft Festival of SL), or even imagine I would be overseeing what I feel to be one of the finest oldtime sims of SL. In any event, thank you to all for your comments, support and constructive criticisms. My only purpose as such is to work to preserve what I feel strongly t
  6. Starting last Sunday night Innsmouth sim started showing signs of stress... lag, extremely slow rezzing times, etc. On logging in Monday morning I received notifications from Innsmout visitors, and restarted the sim in the hopes of clearing the issues. The problems persisted and, come Tuesday, buildings were vanishing and returning, parcel names and details were showing blank, and it was clear that something bigger was wrong. Again I initiated a sim restart, and received word that rolling restarts were in progress and that LindenLabs was working on issues covering many places across the gri
  7. LIVE at INNSMOUTH OPERA HOUSE!  SL's renowned Wald Schridde sings and performs live music February 14, 6pm SLT! Join us for a live Anti-Valentine's Day show. Wald performs an hour of traditional folk songs that tell of the many ways in which romantic love fails or ends badly. Come and enjoy these musical tales of Cupid's arrows gone awry. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innsmouth/112/149/26
  8. H.P. Lovecraft Lookalike Contest WELCOME to the FIRST ANNUAL "Look Like Lovecraft" Lookalike and Photo Screen-Shot Contest. Anyone who can "look like" Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and submit a screen shot, based on the rules provided below, is welcome to participate. Prizes are awarded for the best in category (described below) through a two-step process--a judge's panel and then public voting in the Innsmouth SIM. The contest begins April 17th and submissions end May 8th 2015. Voting to determine the winner is described below. ---- C A T E G O R I E S & PRIZE AWARDS ----
  9. UNSEEN INNSMOUTH PHOTO CONTEST ====='ABOUT THE UNSEEN INNSMOUTH' CONTEST===== WELCOME to the FIRST ANNUAL "UnSeen Innsmouth" Photo Screen-shot Contest. Anyone who can take and submit a screen shot, based on the rules provided below, is welcome to participate. Prizes are awarded for the best in each category through a two-step process -- a judge's panel and then public voting in the Innsmouth SIM. The contest begins now and submissions end midnight SLT, January 5, 2015. Voting to determine the winner is described below. There are FIVE categories, each of which is open to YOUR int
  10. ---JOIN US AT INNSMOUTH FOR A LONG HALLOWEEN WEEKEND---- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innsmouth/112/149/26 ♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬ "Of Fear and Nightmares" DATE: Thursday, October 30, 2014 TIME: 10 am-12 noon SLT DETAILS: Demonic DJ JoAnn Hax takes over the Innsmouth Opera House and invites you on a musical trip through a world of fear and nightmares. Enjoy some chilling tunes - maybe some you've never heard before. Come and find out if I'll play your favorite song. SL EVENTS LINK: https://secondlife.com/my/community/events/event.php?id=6130115 ♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬
  11. Slated for August 19-25, 2014, celebrate the Granddaddy of Horror and Weird Fiction's birthday with a tribute to the marvelous H.P. Lovecraft tale "At the Mountains of Madness"! Gear up and board ship for a journey to remote Antarctica, and explore the mysteries of the icy southern continent, Lovecraft-style... ...an adventure that should prove to be a truly thrilling and chilling experience! As always, the Lovecraft Festival will host a group of wonderful product vendors and include activities and events to make for a great experience to all who visit! A number of activities and
  12. Per earlier announcement... http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Upcoming-Events-and-Activities/LOVECRAFT-FESTIVAL-2013/td-p/2323997 LOVECRAFT FESTIVAL 2013: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Playground/253/253/95 Schedule of Entertainment (subject to additions as things fall into place) THURSDAY, Nov 14 7pm - The Cthulhu Review Burlesque Performance at the Village of Nyght, Dunwich Sim FRIDAY, Nov 15 6pm - The Lovefest Freak Show at the Big Top on the Festival grounds 8-10pm - DJ and AutCom Host Rosalie Fleury spins tunes at the Big Top on the Festival Grounds SATURDAY,
  13. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Come and enjoy, and show support for Autism Awareness via the Autism National Committee (AutCom) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Playground/253/253/95 Proudly sponsored by .::AFtershok::. of A & S !Chaos, Panic, & Disorder! \\\ Cilian'gel /// FLORIANA Cerridwen's Cauldron De Baza Dust Bunny's Close Hazardous Bi Products Horribaubles Horror Haute ImmateriA Laudanum Lollipops Stringer's Mausoleum Unrepentant Unzipped Urid Dal's Hat Shop XOPH Shop
  14. PLANNED EVENTS FOR THE FESTIVAL Keep posted to this message for updates as the Festival develops. New events, sims, and vendors will be noted as information becomes more complete. MAIN FESTIVAL SITE: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Staccato/237/161/22 featuring the Talents of ~ Zoltan Mint: Renowned Second- and Real Life Comedy Magician and Mentalist ~ Lizzo Dreamscape: Renowned Second- and Real Life Tarot Card Reader HOST SIMS: More sims will be added as information is updated - Arkham - Beasakostan - Bondage Puppet Theater - Innsmouth - Toulouse Jardin - Valbella VENDOR
  15. VENDOR SPACE AVAILABLE! We invite you, as a builder/store manager for Second Life, to lease a vendor stall/tent for the festival! For a ridiculously cheap price of 500L you can lease the stall space, existing stuffs and 25 prims for the entire festival! (NINE DAYS!) HOST SIMS INVITED! Do you own or manage a sim that would fit in with Lovecraftian material? We invite you to host a Festival Event! For 250L, we will include you in the Festival TP Network, and set you up with a part in the "Artifact Quest." You are open to design any activity or event that fits the Lovecraft genre in some way. E
  16. LAAAYYYDEEEZ and GENTEEELMENNNNNN!!!! Yes, the Season is upon us! Come the Autumnal Equinox, the H.P. Lovecraft Roleplay (and more) Group is proud to present the greatest Lovecraft Shoooowwwww on SecondLife! Announcing the first Multi-Sim Lovecraft Festival! ABOUT THE FESTIVAL! The Lovecraft Festival is a multi-sim event featuring many sims hosting events, a central vendor fair and carnival site, and activities designed to create traffic throughout the event. The Festival is slated to begin 10am SLT September 22, 2012, and wrap up 9pm SLT September 30, 2012. There will be entertainment, ven
  17. Check the Larisa Project... it might be a bit different that your request... but its a moonbase on a who-knows-where system, with a taint of sci-fi horror to it for a real intriguing roleplay session... and the group always has roleplay adventure gigs moving on.
  18. BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS!!! **** ZOLTAN MINT'S CALL OF CTHULHU ROLE PLAYING GAME **** OFFICIALLY KICKS OFF TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 201,2, 6pm SLT! Yes, we have the minimum members to get going! Yes, we have room for more! IM/PM Zoltan Mint if you want in the program! Regularly Meets: Tuesday Nights from 6 PM SLT to 9 PM SLT. STARTS June 19, 2012, 6pm Game: Call of Cthulhu Adventure - "Beyond the Mountains of Madness" by Charles & Janyce Engan (Chaosium Games - 1999) Yes, I have adopted it to the d20 system. Rules Set: d20 Cthulhu by Wizards of the Coast (2002) Players Requi
  19. Announcing the formation of the HP Lovecraft Roleplay Group, listed as HPL-RPG in Second Life groups... There are many popping about who have familiarity with, and interest in, the writings and ideas of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, best known for his creation of the Necronomicon, Cthulhu, and other ideas, concepts and characters in his science fiction horror writings of the early 1900s. Therefore, this group has been formed to keep HP Lovecraft fans in Second Life of sims, games and other theme-related activites as they develop. The group is broken down into several role/ranks... Owner/Produ
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