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  1. Thankes kaay so the import works now tho the new mesh i just made apparently is the source of the problem. I guess Ill wait till the preview system works again
  2. I seem to have run into a slight problem. Since the last update I am unable to import files with joint offsets. Well apart from the show joint in the preview bug this is a new one. The problem is it seem that SL viewer is acting up since even old files that I am certain were working before arent workin now. Is there a direct link to the latest viewer? since when I tried to reinstall it wanted to update immediately. Might be some residue files.
  3. I second to that, my lower jaw is finally corected
  4. I second to that. The fix Matrice and Gaia suggested indeed works and my eyes and jaw are correctly placed. The tongues has gone awol tho I guess I do something wrong
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2r9k25n0wcq2kvd/AACfbEV2S1Ys2bUV6-knFjFja?dl=0 Here are the files for my head if it can help you This one was done in Avastar 2. 13 but even migrating to 2.15 did not improve the state. Upon upload the bones just arent in the corrct places as comapred to un rigged mesh
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