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  1. Fire Sale! CFD Sculpt Pack 250, Full Permission Furniture Prefab Sculpty Collection #2 Sold by Areku Shirakawa Visit The Store Review Product 76527917 L$99 1 L$99 Demi's Starshine.*Full Perm Skirt Creator Kit(euphoricstyle) Sold by demi Placebo Visit The Store Review Product 76527920 L$2,500 1 L$2,500 these two items were never recieved and i sent note cards and messages to the creators but still have not gotten a responce is there any thing you can do to help in this matter plz let me know
  2. i blocked the senders now they send thousands of note cards it is driving me nuts cant delete them all they keep comming the reagon is brownie please fix asap
  3. i gave bad reviews for items missing and only one vendor contacted me
  4. i have same problem i contact the creators but only one responded and resent the item still have not heard from the creator of firesale fullperm sculpties demi's starshine maktub templates and amaretto on missing merchandise either send me my purchases or return my money
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