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  1. ok, i have this really weird problem...today i was editing a very narrow strip of land along the north border of my 1/8th sim parcel, using low strength and size settings, but for some reason, it dropped EVERY bit of land on my parcel by about a meter. The change is consistent everywhere, regardless of the topography on the parcel. Is there a way for the land owner to reset everything back the way it was before the problem occurred, sort of like a system restore point on a PC? I don't want to have to pick up all my prims and start over.
  2. Tala :) (Hello in mer speech) Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) is an SL group promoting and supporting mermaids , mermen, and other aquatic creatures. SAFE WATERS FOUNDATION IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE A 2013 INTERNATIONAL OPEN HOUSE EVENT Safe Waters Foundation is hosting an all day celebration on June 8, 2013. Because digital mermaids come from all over the world, and therefore from all time zones – we have arranged to have this one very special day where you can find other mermaids and information in your time zone. Expressing this in terms of Second Life Time (SLT) it starts on Friday June 7th at midnight (which quickly becomes Saturday June 8!!) until midnight on Saturday, June 8th. We presume you can convert this to your time zone. There will be entertainment constantly – always something happening if things go as scheduled. Hopefully you will spread the word across all the international mermaid lovers and they will take this special opportunity to come in and get an introduction to mermaids/mermen and digital mermaids! SEE THE MERFOLK RESOURCES DISCOVER UNDERWATER PLACES TO EXPLORE 24-HOUR ENTERTAINMENT MEET OTHER MERMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mermaids%20of%20Phantasien/121/137/10 Stay current on our new blog: http://digitalmermaids.blogspot.com/ There will be entertainment and designer showcases ** throughout the day. Check the blog for schedule updates. **A designer showcase is when one designer comes to the SWF amphitheater with some merfolk dressed in their designs. It is a great chance to get a unique view of their style, and then as time allows there will be also be some question and answer discussion as well. Come and meet these great designers as they showcase some of the different merfolk looks! We are strongly encouraging all mermaid groups to come to the event - take out an adboard and then have members swim about with group tags on. Give your country and your group some exposure! We do have some adboards still open for rental at headquarters - the small size is 25L per week - so its a good time to come in and grab one while there will be some traffic. We would love any and all people, mermaids or not, to come visit us to see what Mer life in SL is all about. If you have any questions, you can drop me an IM inworld (SyrenaViolet). Thanks, and hope to see you there :)
  3. Try The Siren's Lair (*TSL*), they have a couple of nice mesh mermaid tails
  4. Tala, Chaluri There are quite a few mermaid item creators out there, and i think i have seen some of the things that you are looking for. If you check with the Safe Waters Foundation in SL, there are a few people in there who make those items, or know who does. I'll ask around and see if i can find a specific person for you to talk to. The bubble emiiter and big air bubble definitely exist. Not sure about the glowy hands thing though.
  5. Tala, Busty If you want to try somethign different, you can be a mermaid Most mers in SL are "semi-RP", in that we all play a character, but don't usually get involved in full RP scenarios (although it is definitely possible). send me an IM inworld if you'd like to look into it
  6. Tala you might look to the Safe Waters Foundation or the Merfolk of SL group for recruiting mers for RP
  7. Tala Hadley I am also a mermaid in SL. The absolutely best place to get involved in merlife is at the Safe Waters Foundation inworld. It is a group that is designed to promote everything about the mer world in SL. Many of us do not RP so it isn't a requirement. SWF does have TONS of resources on how to be a mer, and some of the nicest merfolk you will ever meet We even have an events calendar, and a mer support meeting every saturday at 10 am SLT. Please send me an IM inworld and i wold be more than happy to help get you started. Fair winds and safe waters Syrena
  8. I managed to log in about 25-30 minnutes ago, but i am having alot of difficulty tp'ing to some of my LM's. Some seem to work while others don't. I guess it will take a while to reset everything
  9. if you get bored, just add stuff to your cart or your favorates list, but don't click on 'checkout' until they get the grid back up
  10. same problems for me, can't log in with any of my three avis, but i have stopped trying after reasading this thread funny thing is the marketplace is working better than usual for me
  11. Haven of Rogues is always a decent place, we also hang out in the Blake Sea from time to time. As people have said, use your search
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