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  1. Moving slowly to the left and to the right, so sideways on a horizontal scale.
  2. It would be helpfull moderators to tell me where you moved my thread. I logg in and can't find my thread again, so i start a new one etc....etc.... This is not helpfull at all. Ironic that i am the only one that answered my post.
  3. I posted it before but I had no answers and now I cant even find my own thread anymore... (removed?) I want a simple ghost moving script..... which means a prim moving slowly from left to right and back again. Can someone please help me with that? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone, I am looking for a script that makes an object (flexible ghost texture) slowly float from left to right and back. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you very much in advance!
  5. I would try to log in with a viewer that does not support mesh, like the Imprudence viewer. I solved the same problem i had with an alpha layer doing that a while ago.
  6. Hmm problem is not solved, the mesh looks weird now when i sit......... anyone knows where i have to weight the dress to avoid stretching at the crotch, but also avoid strange stretching when i sit?
  7. eeeehm.... I think we have solved the problem!
  8. We have made a few mesh dresses, but are still not happy with them. One of the reasons is the stretching problem at the "crotch area" We have read in another post that there is a way to avoid it to a certain extend in process of weighting. Is there someone that can explain us how to do that, or is there a tutorial on this specific problem? Greetings, Fairy
  9. Thank you all for answering! I have my feet back on the ground again. After a few more relogs it finally worked to set myself on 50% hover. :matte-motes-smitten:
  10. I tried to adjust my height in edit appearance Hover, but it wont let me.
  11. Hello, After editing my appeance (made my ears smaller) I suddenly am under the ground. Clearing cache, relogging did not help. All i see off myself is a tip of my updo hair coming above the ground. Can someone help me please?
  12. Thank you very much for answering. My friend has contacted you Inworld with a notecard about our mesh problems.
  13. Above I mention the problem I have with importing a dress from Blender to SL. I need to know the exact steps required for exporting a rigged mesh from blender and then importing it into SL so that it retains the rigging information. Can someone help me please?
  14. Sorry I explained a bit complicated. I saw my alt perfect, but my alt saw herself with bad eyes. Anyway, problem solved now :-))
  15. Now that was a good idea! My alt saw her perfect, so it was a problem on my alts side. So I logged in with Imprudence (which does not have alpha layers, at least my old install did not) and there I saw myself perfect. Logged back with FS and problem solved! Thank for helping me think!
  16. I tried a new shape, tried a new bald base....... :-( nothing helps.......
  17. I detached everything by ruthing myself to my original noob, but i still have broken eyes. I even relogged in SL viewer, but nothing helps!
  18. Hello, With my alt i won a pair of boots at a lucky chair (mesh) and when i fitted them on my eyes were suddenly huge. I rebaked, cleared cache, relogged and even ruthed my avatar to the defaut one, but nothing helps. Is my avatar foregood broken? Pls help me!
  19. Can anyone tell me what the left bar and the right bar of the lag meters stand for> (On the top right of the screen) Thanks in advance :-)
  20. In my case I never click "wear" when i am in a shop. I always click copy to inventory and tp home to try it there. This beats me!
  21. It happened at two shops. Both strangely enough hair shops. On the click "buy" everything disappeared even AO and other HUDs, leaving me like a naked noob, but with the hair i just bought. (Skin and shape were the only other things that stayed on)
  22. Hello, I had this weird thing happen to me for three times now in the past months. Last time was yesterday. I bought some hair in a shop with much traffic and suddenly i am naked. Not only naked. Clothing, attachements, make up and even all my HUDs. EVERYTHING is gone exept for the fact that I am wearing the hair I just bought. (And i did not click "buy and wear"!) I was embarrased as the shop had many avatars walking around and I could not tp home all that quickly due to the lag. Anyone has this problem too? Greetings Fairy
  23. Thank you for answering!! Always a big PHEW when there are more people with the same problem. Have a great day, Fairy
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