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  1. Well, you give absolutely no deails about your computer, however I run Firestorm on a 4 year old business class laptop with no problem. A monster machine, you don't need.
  2. I recently bought a prefab house for my land and wanted to put my own pictures (textures) on the walls. I deleted the pictures that came with the house and dragged mine out of textures to the wall but it covered the whole wall. When I deleted the picture, it also deleted the wall. Guess the picture became the wall, So now I have a house with no wall. 1,) how to I hang pictures on walls of my house? 2.) where is the undo so I can get back my wall?
  3. When searching for groups I see lots of them with no apparent destination. How do these work? And what is their purpose? Are they just chat or im only or is there some hidden destination that's revealed after joining?
  4. Bright has some free and low cost ao's also
  5. I'm in a RP sim that I don't want to TP out of that gets very active so I don't have much time to admin my inventory. Is there a way to get to my inventory without logging?
  6. tony474849

    Profile notes

    When you profile someones avatar, you cn write a note about them. Is there a way you can see the notes someone has written about you?
  7. tony474849


    What does prim mean? I see adds for prim hair, prim hands but don't know what that is.
  8. When I push ctl+enter to shout in chat, my avatar cups his hands around his mouth in a shouting gesture. This is inappropriate at times. How do I disable this gesture?
  9. I have an account that I am using in a role playing situation and want to remain in that area when I log off. If I create another account to explore other areas, will that second account interfere with the first?. That is, if I log off (not transport) from my first account and transport around with my second account, when I log back in with my first account, am I still in the same place and in the same situation with that first account?
  10. Thank You all. I use Phoneix Viewer and found it under hidden under one of the menus. Thought there should be a KB shortcut for it but no.
  11. How does one stop an animation. I got stuck in one.
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