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  1. when I import SL default avatar for animating into poser 2014 it seems to get opened as one object, the joints don't seem to be recognized, why?
  2. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Easy, just start asking random guys if you can play with theirs... eventually, I'm sure you'll find one that you just fall in love with. ...Dres lmao... something tells me he would'nt mind it... I mean I start a thread looking for the VAW genitals, my sl brother uses it and most of the people I see in public places use it so I am pretty convinced, not looking for whats better I already made up my mind, then some guy comes barging in talking about some other name in my thread, calls me names like bi, obsessed, puts words in my mouth and now is calling me a spammer... I mean I am not gay but I am soo getting tempted to use my sexy VAW genitals on a male right now. People click this thread to know about VAW not about what your personal preference is, I mean I am new to the SL forums but not new to SL or forums in general. You are supposed to stick to the topic of the thread and refrain from flaming new users. Any moderators around?
  3. Randall Ahren wrote: Rider Vyper wrote (emphasis added): Well my girlfriends actually love the VAW been using it since i bought it a few days ago. But yea i do **bleep** before they do if thats what stylus means hahaha I guess you have more than one, you little devil you. yes I do and I like that you quoted me. In general, people do not guess when something is in writing, getting too old are we? I noticed you edit your posts like 148234692 times lol
  4. Randall Ahren wrote: Stylus Nightfire posts disparagng the Aeros for the second time. it is disparaging not "disparagng" you can click "Spell Check" before you post. I really do love the VAW, the same way you love aros. Had it for like a couple of days and I am getting alot of compliments. So glad I bought it, thanks to you guys! Well...I only started posting here to get help finding it, a friend advised me to ask in the forums. But you on the other hand, need to claim down or I'll have to report you for flaming me, I am straight as can be, dont call me names. Also, please show me, where did I say I have A girlfriend?
  5. I see :matte-motes-smile: so an impotent man who thinks only women enjoy a man's... genital, why am i not suprised. lol
  6. erm strange. Are you impotent in RL dude? lol nevermind i guess thats too personal of a question. Well my girlfriends actually love the VAW been using it since i bought it a few days ago. But yea i do **bleep** before they do if thats what stylus means hahaha
  7. Thanks! I checked out that aeros too but ended buying the VAW, I think the textures look alot more realistic and it has way more cool features. Everyone I know has VAW too.
  8. you should go for the VAW XTC for the price it is the most realistic and comes loaded with everything you need, If you can find it though lol the others are not very realistic and too expensive but i guess they get the job done
  9. I see people wearing the VAW male genital all the time but I just cannot find where to buy it inworld, anyone please help I am a little noob with finding things lol
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