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  1. Click on the land details bar top of your viewer. This willm open a window with everything you need to know about that region.The estate owner and the person or group that rents it. _one who asks may seem like a fool for a few minutes, but one who never asks will stay a fool all their life_
  2. Why in the heck would LL waste time and effort on a medium that only a handful people ever going to use? Your priority should be make the majority happy by , for instance, perfecting the group chats!!. Things that benefit the biggest part of the community, instead of these silly, useless gimmicks. You see yourself wearing a headgear like that when its 100 degreesF outside??? Me not!!Come back into reality LL, please , and finally do some effort to make SL better for the majority, instead of rich , spoiled brats and their gimmicks!!! You are aiming for the wrong usergroup for years now. Come to your senses, pull your heads out of your behinds and finally give us working group chat!!! Like IRC and AOL allready did 20 years ago, for pete's sake!!
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