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  1. Hello all i'm Nimue Grantly and i'm looking to join a family RP or a Family in SL; i'm shemale in RL but Nimue as not the same problem (she can or can't do a shem). i prefer mesh avatars with quality look as mine. i'm italian and my timezone is gmt+1 for more information can contact me in SL
  2. Hello all, My name is Nimue Grantly, i'm 28 yo, and i'm transgender in RL. In sl i have a very nice avi, full mesh, with red hair. So i would like to search a modern family, and boyfriend, with "quality" avatars such as mine. I'm italian and usually i'm online after 1.00 pm SLT, if someone is interested please contacting me directly IW
  3. Hello dear, my name is Nimue Grantly. I would like to start a family i've 27 yo and i'm Transgender in RL (operated) and Female in SL. Please contacting me only In World cause i don't use always to check forum. I have a very nice complete mesh avatar, and i would like to enter in a modern family which can give me the same joy of my RL family. I'm still searching to enter in a family or to start a family. Thank you for reading Hugs Nimue Grantly contacting me only IW
  4. HI cherry ty for answer but host and djs is a tip jar work, i need a fix payment thank you kk shaka i will contact your agency
  5. Hello my name is Nimue Grantly. TimeZone GMT+1 Italian, English i was born in SL 19/Feb/2010 i've a nice and presentable avatar. Past Works: MANAGER (Stores, bloggers) GENERAL MANAGER (Full Sim, Land, Club) PR (in many lands/club) ESCORT/DANCER/EMOTERS (club stacks and various) i had more experience in SL, i'm a very organized person and i know how to use SL viewer, i can manage all with more semplicity. i can use Photoshop and i am also a voice verified (transgender) i know how to ban, eject or freeze, and know to moderate local/group chat. i'm searching for a payed job in SL Part Time. Fee
  6. Hello My Name is Nimue Grantly, i love to play in sl without involve the RL in it. I would like to create in SL a family, and would like to take part of a family, also i'm seeking for a man, my lightblue prince!.... it is possible, Please contact me Inworld thankies
  7. CoCo Beach Club Staff recruting open position for: CoManager: This member is responsible for the smooth running and development of events, he/she can propose ideas and events for promote the club; also will teleport his/her friends and give the group to new members. Work Hours: min. 3 hours a day (required presence at the events), salary 700linden + Tip Jar a week (7days) with one day free (the salary could increase, depending on availability, and the good conduct of the work). Dancers: This member can do male or female, he or she is entertainment responsible with they're dance, of all clients
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