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    I dont recieve today my week 300 L$ why ??, Thanks
  2. I put my prenuim L$ dollars on de bank DX .Always i think my money ist save But now DX is going is away from secondlife a lost my money in think. Nobody tell me.that i have not recieve a mail our something. and i want my L$ dollar back ,i need help from Linden lab thankx
  3. but i just want my Linden home bigger for more prims and put furniture so i upgrade fees im a Prenuim member i want stay where my sl home is :) its a nice neigborhood :) thanks you i lot for the answer before :)
  4. hi i have update yesterday tier and i 'm prenuim member , but i see nothing change on my land and house ,i want more square meters ,i choose this options /USD 5.00/ month 512 1/128 Region and i save it but i dont what two do ,i have change land of move two a other house ?? thanks
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