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  1. This is really absurd.. Wasting effort and time in the purpose of closing down residents business , who are only making Second Life fun and enjoyable is a real shame. Closing those features will harm lots of people and most of all Linden Labs and business Simonita Davidov
  2. I agree 100% where is the fun when SL have restrictions like RL? Residents can take Alts to avoid being spyied and this will generates more money to SL Pls consider this before listening to residents complains, taking themselves too seriously when nobody does...
  3. Please dont change Where is the fun in SL, when it suppose to be ? With all those huds, residents need more Alts and therfore generating more money to SL. Are you screwing your own business here Sorry to say its stupid to remove all these features Love and regards Simonita
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