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  1. I love my Lolas! lol. But I have issues when wearing mesh hair where parts of it covers the Lolas. some of the textures go through them and they make the clothes transparent, so no matter if i am wearing clothes, you can still see through it and make the breasts naked. Does anyone have this kind of issue too?
  2. Hi there. I am using Firestorm viewer v3.3.0.24880 and for a couple of days whenever I try to view a person's profile, it just won't load. Any clue why this is happening or how can I fix it? I tried using Phoenix and it works, it's just Firestorm Thank you
  3. Hi there, there are a few out there: Magika (my favorite) Wasabi Pills Lelutka Elikatira Have fun!
  4. I tried the alpha tattoo layer but it didn't work =(. So still open for any other suggestions. Thank you so much!
  5. Ty so much, I will try this
  6. Hi there: I'm writting because I was trying skin demos today and when I zoomed into my eyes, I realized that something appears to be coming out of my eyes lol. It messes up my lower eyelid, it's like the avatr eyelashes, but I checked appearance and they are at 0 (zero). Does someone have any idea what it is or how can I fix this? Thank you so much Lei.
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