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  1. It doesn't matter anyway. People don't stay not because of the graphics but because this is the most expensive "game" (whatever) to exist. It's obnoxious cost are only matched by the complexity of how to do things. Tell a noob that's its cost them money for pretty much everything except for low quality freebies. Hey noob do you want a place you can build and call home. Well that's going to cost you $295/$195 a month (unless your renting a parcel but you don't get much for that) then you have learn how to build and then get charged for uploading it. The Millennial's have the attention span of a peanut, stick them in an environment like this and it's learning curve melts their brain and there off to play on Steam. BTW, a lot of their team is off building SL 2.0 with a fraction holding down the fort and plugging away to keep the base happy which is not easy. It will be the same case with SL 2.0 , the graphics will be top notch but it doesn't matter if the cost and complexity of the platform chases people away.
  2. WOW , Spending $5,000 dollars on a game gets you banned for 30 days on a SL Forum for your 1st Amendment Free Speech Rights. Really LL. Cats out of the bag now guys. Let the lawyers rain down from all over the world.
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