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  1. OI. Uhm... sure... o.k. Not sure how that all translates into English, but, o.k. For those of us who don't have a reliable source of information about Linux that can translate to folks who've used Windows and Apple (with out dripping snobbery all about the keyboard... ew gross), could you perhaps suggest a bit of reading material (written in English, please) that will show where that settings thing is and functional stuff like that there. Meanwhile, with 4.5x coming in, I'll just go back to using what worked before to install again... Thanks.
  2. Update: Providing educational experience to the fellows who sold me this computer a while back... I/we managed to get the problem solved. - Bring up the Terminal (Control + Alt + T) - Change directories to the proper folder... (cd SecondLife ... cd <Folder_Name> ... Note... case sensitive) - The install command is "./secondlife" or ./<name_of_viewer> - Nice little button appears on the side bar and locks there (you can rearrange it on the sidebar if you want to), and the viewer pops up just like it's supposed to.
  3. Drakeo: Exactly, script is opened in the editor mode. After that I feel completely lost. Open a terminal... guessing you're talking about ... uh... I think we used to call that something like shelling out, when we wanted to work in DOS (back in Window 3.x days and before). I'm not really sure how to do that in Linux. I've done it... with someone else telling me what to do and looking over my shoulder, but in enough of a hurry to be more concerned with what I was trying to accomplish at the moment, than remembering the how to. "type yes the dot then a slash ./secondlife" ? Do I type "yes././secondlife" (which looks strange) or "yes./secondlife" or am I completely out in left field? I can't quite figure out what that's doing, and I can't figure out what I am supposed to see happen if I do it right. Define: distro kernel (I have vague recollections of something about that - but I don't think I knew what it was way back when, either)
  4. Appologies for posting in a somewhat bristly mood... I am not used to being bumfuzzled by a computer for this long, and I probably should have just posted a warning stating that I have no patience for trolls on a superiority trip while I'm in this state of frustration. I may be no programmer, but I do work a computer pretty hard. (Previous experience with Apple, Windows, Oracle and DOS. Twenty year working history with AutoCAD, MicroStation and ArcInfo... plus some spin offs of those programs and a few graphics and publishing programs. That is to say... I generally hardly notice the differences as long as I can get done what I want done with out too much guess work.) ... O.k. I'm interpretting that there were a couple queries about the system - Ubuntu 13.04 (Aw man! Where'd my split screen doo-hicky go? Sheesh! That's what sold me on Linux in the first place - besides the lower cost.) Memory: 3.3 GiB Processor: AMD A8-5600K APU with Radeon HD Graphics x4 Graphics: VESA: DVST (Hmmm... my experience seems to have been switched back to standard :-/) OS Type: 64 bit Disk: 488.5 GiB. (Plus a little over 300 GiB from my old Acer hard drive...) ...Drakeo said: -"you may have never configured your repositories" - Good point to figure out what you're talking about. I suspect that will be handy for more than just system updates. -"second if you build your own graphics driver with dkms ubuntu set up it will see the new kernel and build it for you on every upgrade. I stick with Slackware it is simple and very easy as slackpkg update slackpkg upgrade-all and your all done." - I have to giggle at that one a little bit. Build my own graphics driver. Uhm. Trying hard not to get all smart mouthed, but... for as many drivers as I've loaded on things and had to fuss with, building my own is a concept I've not quite grasped. Yes... I should be able to. Uhm. Technically. If I know where to look. I think. Uhm. Build my own graphics driver. Hmmmmmm. Could be useful. Very useful. Dkms sounds familiar, like I've seen those initials somewhere in my poking around on this thing (or maybe something else), but I haven't a clue what that is. -"Open the folder click secondlife to install locally open a terminal type ./install.sh or sh install.sh and press enter three time." If I click on the secondlife program, it comes up as a text file, not a viewer. Does it with at least five different viewers. Just like it did the first time I loaded SL viewers onto this machine. There was some sort of tweek that the dealer and I figured out (with much mutual learning for both him and me) the first time. I cannot remember what it was. It was short sweet and simple. That's the kicker. - Storm Clarence Thankyou for the URL's. Tried uninstall/reinstall, got the same result when I tried to bring up various SL viewers. That being the program comes up as a text file rather than the viewer. For any thing more specific than that... uhm... well... I'll just have to consult someone who knows the lingo better to figure out how to ask the questions.
  5. Unlike most Linux users, I'm no programmer. Now, I recall the first time I loaded SL Viewer and Phoenix onto this machine I couldn't run either program... the blasted thing would open up in text rather than as the viewer. So, this past week, it took all Wednesday for my machine to upgrade to 12.x... Then it took all Thursday for my machine to upgrade to 13.x. Both times it said something about disabling 3rd party programs... blah blah blah... but you can re enable them after the upgrade. Unicorns and rainbows oh so simple la de da... OI! The problem with Linux is the seeming lack of concept that a user might not be a programmer, or so intimately familiar with the product as to know where every last bit of data is located. It took me about a week of scrambling to figure it out the first time I loaded SL on this machine, but for crying out load, I don't remember what I did. I do know that it was a mutual education for the person that helped me find the solution and myself. So... Fellow Linux Users... (who are not so bloody snobbish as to look down your noses at my lack of understanding because I really don't have the patience or frustration level to put up with such malarcky) HELP!
  6. YAY~~!!! Lydia, you may have just hit the nail on the head for my problem! As one who has a mumeration of avatars, (6.5 - the 0.5 is because I maintain my husband's avatar), all but the one I'm logged in as now are working just fine. This particular one (my representative of my real life art, incidentally), is the one that has been crashing. I've been getting plenty of research time, as a result, actually... trying out different viewers, one that isn't even tested on a MAC very well, to see if there's a conflict between what that avi is wearing and the viewer (I've had that problem before). So there is a bright side to my getting behind schedule, at least. (~~~~~eeehhhhh~~~~~~) Same story... *Maybe* succeed to log in, but crash in a minute. Inventory not loading. The inadequately tested on MAC (Dolphin) has had the most success, but I'm stuck in all senses of the word. Incidentally, being a button pusher, I tried other avatars on the viewers that I was trying to see if that would be a solution, and they worked just fine. So... dumping cache. I usually avoid that because it takes so freaking long to reload in the best of times. But, heck, it's worth a try.
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