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  1. A group of us are curious about SL banned/banning accounts. 1. What data is used to ban an account? Avatar name? IP address? 2. Can your account be closed/banned without a reason? 3. How is banning communicated to person? 4. Is banning forever? 5. How do banned accounts have money in account refunded? 6. Can you be banned because of a false report? (you did nothing but are banned) How is issue verified? Thank you TayTay Denimore
  2. Cincia - thanks for posting.. and I took your advice and made bandwidth 1500.. draw distant down to the min. It seems at this point I can stay logged in... however inventory is not reloading. It gets stuck at about 1078 items now. I'm losing faith.
  3. Ok.. I know ya'll are waiting for the results of the troubleshooting over here (LOL): 1. uninstalled and deleted all viewer, all SL files - everything 2. cleaned up MAC - deleted all junk files 3. downloaded SL Viewer 3 4. connected to internet via cable (not wireless) 5. Connected to SL - yay 6. Stayed connected for about 10 minutes 7. PROBLEM is loaded about 753 items of inventory then stuck there, tried to load avi via appearance then got logged off wow - i have a lot o money invested in SL...might have to give it up
  4. Thank you for responding - it is helping immensly. 1. I will try everything connected to ethernet direct connect again today. 2. If I can stay logged in log enough I'll change the bandwidth as well... any recommendations? 3. The disconnect from the internet happens almost immediately. Then I "think" I'm reconnecting to the internet but must be only partially connected as I can only turn my avi - do a few other things - after a couple of mins SL logs me out. I'll delete SL and reinstall from scratch although I'm not sure on this MAC if I actually delete all old files. Any MAC users out there who can clue me in? So still working on this -
  5. Yes actually get "you have been logged out of SL" your region may be experiencing difficulity or check your network connections. The thing is my partner logs onto the region and does not have the problem.. so I don't think it's the sim. Also last time I tried direct connect via ethernet cable I had the same issue. The mystery continues.
  6. it's a Logout btw.. I don't have this problem connecting and staying connected to inWorldz using the same viewers. So now what?
  7. Thanks for the info regarding heating up.. however it's more like a disconnect than a crash. I do use a laptop but with a cooling pad. The laptop is only 6 months old. Not sure but if someone out there thinks that this is a LION NVIDIA driver issue for the Intel HD Graphics 3000 please help me - I'm WAY out of my element now. Thank you.
  8. After connecting to the grid at my home location (or any location) I lose internet connection within 30 seconds - if I am able to reconnect to the internet then SL will QUIT within two minutes. This has been going on for over two weeks. On the rare occassion - I stay connected but often takes dozens of attempts. I have tried connecting via SL3.0 viewer, Phoenix Firestorm, Imprudence, and Singularity Using : Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 (11C74), Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB How can I fix this?
  9. Alternately, if the land is parceled the only way to add more prim is to use region/estate bonus multiplier correct?
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