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    good afternoon! my name is gilceia and my logim supper serrta.tento be premium I can not with my card alias nor is my husband's RL, I do not have an international card but would like to be premium there is the possibility of letting me use the card of my same RL husband not being international poxa ja joso to 8 years my first avatar is supper diesel now use supra serrta but I still have my diesel avatar please I would like you to accept the card even if it is not international thank you from ja thank you gilceia de souza costa CEIA SERRTA AVATAR I hope yes or no
  2. tenho uma conta nome avatar mickisuya23 mal eu fiz pegaram e-mail esenha
  3. não consigo abrir meu second life sempre atualisando ou diz , não ter video grafico
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