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  1. Hey everybody! sorry about my noob question here, I bought a bento catwa head after a long break from sl so I'm very new to mesh. I was wondering, why is it that the head changes when you try different shapes? isn't it supposed to stay the same? I'm confused cause I see shapes being sold which apparently change the heads but aren't we buying the heads separately? thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks a lot everybody! I do like my head but perhaps I should upgrade to BENTO after all.
  3. So basically if I buy the add ons the face will animate when I'm on a poseball?
  4. Ohhh I guess that's why my partner's bento's head face does move with the furniture but mine doesn't at all.
  5. Oh not really, it's about heads in general. It's hard for me to understand mesh yet.
  6. Hey everybody, I bought a mesh av recently after years of not logging on second life and I was wondering if the sexual expressions are bought separetedly or they come with the heads? mine just stays motionless. I got a catwa destiny head of 900L. Thanks in advance!
  7. So I had this argument with a griefer and he said I would "get his weapons even if I didn´t want to" before I muted him.. Thing is 2 days afterwards all my landmarks disappeared as well as my animations but the rest is ok, could it be that he hacked my account?? I never got any object sent or anything like that so I find it weird.. perhaps it was a glitch? has this ever happened to anyone?? thanks in advance!. edit: I erased the cache of this account (I have another one) and the landmarks didn´t show up.. I didn´t find it in the preferences though, I just followed the Second Life f
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