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  1. Nalates, many thanks for your feedback, I have never had major problems with rezzing so my cache is probably not causing problems. I am finding Phoenix Viewer to be ok but it will take time to get completely comfortable with it. I do find the SL UI a little inscrutable but at least I don't have to worry about the cache any more, I have been tping all over the place to destinations I don't really want to visit so I will keep my flights of fancy to the places which are important to my SL adventures. Thanks again everyone for your kind input., I really do appreciate you taking the time to help me.
  2. Baloo, thanks for your reply and I apologise for my rather abrupt response. As far as I am aware using Phoenix has solved the problem of thr files turning up on my computer but I am still going to have to clear my cache at some point. Someone suggested that when I cleared my cache I must have altered the "path" where the cache files end up. Is there a correct path which would prevent this happening and is it possible to stop the cache from clearing every time I log off. It might also help the general forum community if you could explain what "Easter Egging" means. Many thanks for any help you may be able to give, it is much appreciated.
  3. I've actually moved to Phoenix viewer now so the problem is solved. Thanks for your help.
  4. I was having usage problems with my SL viewer and someone suggested I clear my cache. I did so but found about a hundred white folders in my personal folder and they wouldn't go to the recycle bin as a select all option. However I set up my cache now it downloads everything to my computer, I even tried re-installing SL viewer but the problem still exists. Has anyone else had this problem and if so is it able to be fixed?
  5. I have just downloaded Phoenix and the login requests a first name and a second name. Since SL won't allow spaces how would I enter my username "NeilAndNobodyElse". I've tried the whole name in both spaces, in both separately and with Neil as the the first name and AndNobodyElse as the second name but it won't recognise it. Will I need to create a new avatar to login and if so how will I create a first name and second name?
  6. Many thanks Peter, I haven't had a dedicated gaming computer before so wasn't aware that such messages appeared, certainly they never appeared again so that must be the reason. White Star, many thanks for taking so much time to give such a detailed answer, I wasn't aware there was a control panel for the gforce 550 but I found it and made the settings you recommended and it has certainly made a difference so I am very grateful to you. And thanks Linda for taking the time to detail the various ways the viewer can be made less processor hungry, it was very kind of everybody to give me their feedback and I hope it may also help other residents with similar problems.
  7. Thanks professor, that may just make the necessary difference .
  8. Actually, I changed my Windows settings so most of the fancy graphics are disabled and it seems to have helped, been online over two hours and no pop ups yet, but I may still have to do more on SL if it gets too hot. Thanks again for your kind input.
  9. Many thanks for your help. I shall give these a try and see if it solves the problems, thanks again for your time and feedback.
  10. Sorry if this is a subject that's covered regularly but I just wanted to know which preferences have the biggest impact in reducing the load on your graphics card. I have an Invidia Geforce 500 card but I am getting "100% cpu usage" pop-ups. I have moved the graphics button from high to mid and have been told that disabling "media streaming" can make a difference. Could anybody please let me know if that is enough or are there other ways of solving the problem. The most important aspects of my SL experience are music and chat/ims so I would hope to keep them in as good shape as possible. I do apologise for raising an old chestnut yet again but any help would ne much appreciated.
  11. Obviously you guys on this thread know your computer stuff. I want a new desktop to replace my laptop so what should be the most important part of the spec: the speed of the processor? the size of the RAM the one I'm interested in has 6gb, or the type of graphics card, it' s a Gforce Invidia with 1 gb of graphics memory. Should a desktop with this quality of spec be good for SL or might a dedicated games computer be essential for real HD viewing of busy clubs abd the like, Thanks for taking time to read this, I thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.
  12. Many thanks for your help Theresa and Ariel, and you are right, I do have a default avi with the fixed vest and shorts to avoid nudity issues. However when I let my Avi know I had made this enquiry he was rather annoyed and told me he wanted his outfits to be smart and presentable so that other residents would know he was a regular dependable guy and not a dance club Lothario so the vest will no longer be a problem. I would also like to thank the very kind Canadian lady who took so much trouble to solve my problem online. As a bumbling newbie I managed to decline her kind offer of friendship, if you are reading this I must apologise for my clumsiness and thank you again for taking so much trouble to help me, it was so kind and very much appreciated.
  13. Hi Everybody nice to be here on the forum. When I'm in "Edit Appearance" mode I can remove all my Avi's current clothes but he still has a vest and shorts on. Since a lot of the club outfits he would like tp to wear have open shirts I would like to be able to remove the vest, is this possible? Any help would be much appreciated.
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