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  1. I am so sorry to anyone who I may have offended or upset. That is not the person I want to be The problems that I have been going through turned me into something that I could not recognize I wish I could take it all back like it never happened, but I can't, so all I can do now is to give you the apology. Ive decided to begin my Art work in anew Avatar and chase my dreams ...... Barbie Adored.....
  2. Hello My name is Barbie Adored I would very much like help with my mental health issues and autism please get in touch
  3. Ive been experiencing Bullying in Second life for over 2 years, They follow me around post group messages about me write stuff in there profiles about me steal my art work , They have used grieving tools to crash my pc tried to get my RL address stole from me , I reported everything to LL .
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