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  1. Let me just add in one thing. Alot of stores have group gifts with a plus on being free to join like scandalize, s@bbia, vision, ect. Genesis even gives one freebie for a mesh head no group join, but they have mesh heads as gifts in their store if you join for 99L (which isn't too much) Contact me inworld if you want more freebie places or even friendship 😊
  2. Right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Orange County, hit me up like the gas prices 😜
  3. Hello friends! Looking for some players who would be interested in roleplaying/exploring with me as I have virtually no experience, but read up on it alot and it seems my type of thing. I'm open to any sim. I play as an asian female/white female, age range 16-24 IM me inworld @LilMil0 Super friendly and super open minded
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