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  1. Jordan Reyne playe again at the Morlocks Revenge Pub. Despite the fact that no two albums are entirely the same, presses internationally have come up with descriptions to lend a hand - from "industrial-tinged folk rock" and “antipodean steampunk” (Children of a Factory Nation and How the Dead Live), to "Urban found sound meets celtified electronica" (The Annihilation Sequence and Passenger) to "creepy, dark industrial" (The Ironman and Birds of Prey) and "Experimental sci fi for the criminally existential" (The Loneliest of Creatures): At the Mor
  2. Jordan Reyne plays live at the Morlocks Revenge Pub !! 2pm June 14 !!! Who is Jordan Reyne ? watch her new Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaGylwkpPOg Dont know the Morlocks Revenge Pub or the Lancaster SIM at all ? look at this: where ? The Morlocks Revenge Pub see you !!!
  3. That was realy great !!! Yesterdays presentation from [I]Somehow Peccable [/I]!! but look at the pics: http://www.sainetarasind.de/picts/airship1.png http://www.sainetarasind.de/picts/airship2_001.png http://www.sainetarasind.de/picts/dogfight2_001.png http://www.sainetarasind.de/picts/dogfight3_001.png Today: [I]11am SLT (7pm gmt): Peter Brunel Veliz - (presentation) noon SLT (8pm gmt): [B]Jordan Reyne[/B] (live music) 1pm SLT (9pm gmt) Drones and Drums - (live music) 2pm SLT (10pm gmt): Party! [/I] and look at Lancaster BLog
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