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    Icon Types

    Thanks, that is helpful and thanks for very prompt reply :womanhappy: Sue
  2. newsue

    Icon Types

    Thanks for very quick reply. I use Phoenix, I joined SL just two weeks ago, used the standard viewer and after an upgrade I kept getting 'failed to connect to server' so I tried Phoenix. Sue
  3. newsue

    Icon Types

    In the inventory are the icon designs specif, I know some are obvious shapes but many are just square blocks. Knowing the icon types could assist folder arrangement if there is a list anywhere. Sue
  4. The skirt of an outfit I have has somehow come out of alignment. I have tried edit but the skirt goes into some negative type mode and I find it almost impossible to align correctly. Any advice appreciated. Sue
  5. I'm quite new to SL but am playing about with outfits. Wanting to be 'realistic' :matte-motes-asleep-2: I bought a coat for the cold weather. My skirt underneath keeps showing through, is this a normal problem or do I need to do something. Sue
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