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  1. Not real at all SORRY!!! I am one of those people who look on SL as just a game, albeit a really nice game of a virtual life, though I do acknowledge that others treat it in various levels of reality. I don't play SL to meet anyone in RL and I never even feel it necessary to disclose RL information at all though if someone asks I usually do, to a point, just not to be impolite. I do state this in my profile but people choose to ignore it. I think that there should be "categories" of SL avatars, that is, they should be distinguished by some sort of sign, perhaps in their profile, showing their reason for being in SL. Those who join SL with the desire to meet others for an RL friendship/relationship and those who do not wish to meet people in RL. There may be other reasons but these I think are the main two. I personally try to "keep SL in SL". My ideal SL would be devoid of all RL talk. Avatars would "live" how we wish them to live and "love" how we wish them to love. After all, it's all pretend whilst you're in this "game". Of course it is. Who have you ever known to fly, teleport, to walk through solid matter, completely change their appearance at will, stay underwater for hours or even live without eating, sleeping or going to the toilet? Face it! It's a pretend world. Having said that, you can make it how you want it to be. but if you choose to get involved emotionally with someone you have no idea about then you should be mature enough to know what the consequences could be. I have had SL relationships - relationships between two avatars - and when things don't work out I sometimes feel disappointed but never to the point of being "hurt" because it's all pretend. I can switch the pc off, come back the next day and start all over again without bothering. It's so easy when it is treated like what it is, a game. But when I (my avatar) meet someone else and strike up a friendship in SL I do enjoy it in a vicarious way. It can also be vivid enough to arouse emotions though I feel some of the "erotic" emotions are autostimulated - because we want to. I have experienced some very pleasant emotions in such instances but I have never yet got to the stage where I would want to meet them in RL because of it or grieve over the loss of another "player" in SL Of course there's another real person driving the other avatar. There has to be otherwise we have no SL. But each has to decide how far they want to take it. For my own way of thinking, if I wanted to make a friend in RL I would go out in RL to meet them, not sit indoors at the computer hoping that I meet someone compatible in SL. There are so many RL love or friendship search sites and chat places. Why look for an avatar? Lack of confidence in RL? I don't know the answer. But I am still very happy to carry on playing the game and enjoying the vicarious living. I hope you enjoy SL as much as I do. Thanks for reading
  2. why does my bench say "No room to sit here"?
  3. I am suddenly seeing writing on my screen saying <35,100,22> (Om AGL) <0,0,0> (Om/s) Passive HUD locked. What does this all mean? I am using Emergence viewer.
  4. I've tried both the "debug" and the "preferences - uncheck animate avatar" but neither of them seem to work. Any suggestions? I am using Emergence viewer.
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