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  1. hi all^^ im trying to code a trap door script. not a usual one. so since i'm quite new to scripting plus i don't really know if that what i want to do is possible at all i would need some help please. want i want is a trap door that turns phantom when somebody is standing on that door longer than lets say 30 seconds. If the avatar moves on in less than 30 seconds it should not turn phantom. When turned to phantom it should be phantom for only 5 seconds and then turn back to non phantom. Ok my question are, is that possible at all ? And if yes would you tell me please what i'm missing? Here is the snippet i'm currently working with. default { state_entry() { llSetStatus (STATUS_PHANTOM, FALSE); } collision_start(integer total_number) { llSetTimerEvent(30.0); } timer() { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llSetStatus (STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE); llSleep (5); llSetStatus (STATUS_PHANTOM, FALSE); } } This just does what i want, it turns the door to phantom and back but no matter if the avatar is still standing on the door or not. Thanks in advance for help ^^
  2. Reviews should not be written for pay, or for other rewards or compensation unless both positive and negative reviews are rewarded Well, nobody observes this rule when it comes to bad reviews. Therefore I advice to ignore this what they call rating system completely because its too easy to game. Couple of months ago I purchased a product where the seller said in the description that you will get a few money back when you leave a review. I gave a 3 star review because the product was not as advertised and it had a lot of texture flickering. In a word, it looked like a piece of crap and since it was not possible to see it inworld before buying it, i had to contact the seller afterwards and asked if its possible to fix at least all the flickering. He just said the item is modifiable so i can fix it myself. And this made me give 3 stars.Well this kind of customer service usually deserves 1 star. But im always trying to be fair. And 3stars is not that bad. But after that i contacted this seller again and asked for the cash back because i left a review. I got Nothing! This is my experience with bribes for reviews and im sure most of them act the same way. The product got flagged by me because i knew about this rule in the tos. But nothing happened! Instead, Two days later my review was gone. Seems it was flagged by the seller and the dense LL trainee deleted the review finally. I feel ripped off all along. From the seller and from the LINDEN LAB !! To sum up i can say, everybody is ignoring everything here and the LL lost the control. So the question is not if its unethical or ethical, its rather the question if this rating system makes sense at all. Im a customer and when i see that someone offers rewards for reviews , i would never trust the given reviews cause the reason for these reviews is mostly the reward and rarely the satisfaction.
  3. Thanks guys for the quick answer. I just couldnt belive it but to be honest thats exactly what i expected :matte-motes-frown: A shame that its not really possible.. But okay. Then mesh could be the solution i guess. What about the display of mesh in old V1 based viewers? Big difference? Im asking because most people i see each day are still on non-mesh viewers like Phoenix. Thanks. Rage Riptide wrote: Study some game design. Modeling for rendering is totally different to game modeling. Once you model for optimisation and not for glorious detail your on third base. You missed the point!
  4. Hi all, I have a question about the import and export possibilities in second life nowadays. I usually create my structures in 3ds max. My problem is, i dont know how to get my creations into second life.. I have seen a few highly complicated or time consuming tutorials on youtube and im wondering if there are easier ways available ? Or is there really no common way to do that? Well, that would be a shame.. Maybe using another program? Im also familiar with sketchup, Blender or Cinema4D (if there are better possibilities?). The thing is Im using custom baked textures on my interiors so it would be great to import it all in one go. Dont want to rebuild every part inworld again.. Or is this still the only way? Doing the same work twice ? :) Thanks in advance for answering.
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