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  1. Thank you all for the advice. Especially you Innula. I will differently experiment with the script as well as investigate these mesh techniques. As far as upgrading my viewer, the real problem for me is saving money and giving my either my laptop or buy an desktop with better graphic processing qualities (more than likely I am going to build it myself .) . It will take some time but I guess I am going to have to be more patient.
  2. Thank you for the info. I have not really had found any hard evidence on what a mesh model is, but I assume from what your saying is that you have to create one using a different 3-D modeling program. I guess I will just have to build a simpler vehicle and check out how to make a mesh model. Linden Labs really got to get it together, were almost in 2012 for goodness sake. They are just updating services without making references for people who don't fully understand the mechanics with the feature. Sorry, I am talking like it's new, even though it's not, because I have not come across a reason to understand it until now. Great.... back to the drawing board. I can not wait until they decide to come out with a feature that will have more emphasis on people trying to make a little business .
  3. Hello. Vehicle developer noob trying to understand how to make an 132 prim object be under or equal to 32 prims. I have looked at the mesh option but I currently use the Firestorm viewer to access Second Life, so I do not think that it supports this mesh function that seems to be the rage. Is there a way to fool the lsl script server to believe I just have a 32 prim object and not any amount over that?
  4. Medhue your a saint. I remember you helped me out before with me scripting my motorcycle. Please people, keep this thread alive. You do not get help like this on a daily.
  5. Daz has an what seems to be a great user interface, once you take the time to learn it, but man is it difficult to learn how to save your presets, character models and animations. Is it possible to keep this as an SL thread for DAZ Studio users? I have it and would definitely like to get to know how to use it better but DAZ Studio's tutorials are horrible. I know the bvh files are read in second life, but they do not even show you how to save, create your own presets, and load work that you left off. With out knowing how to save and load the proper files with second life's Avatar mesh, I lost all point in messing with it, for now.
  6. Just a quick update for anyone that may come across this forum looking for very useful info in regards to making poseballs. Honestly, I have recieved helpful advice from each of these members here, but the only to create your poseball is to experiment with the objects and script functions yourself. However, I would suggest looking for a sit target editor such as "Easy Sit Target Setter". What is a "Sit Target" you ask. A sit target is a parameter that defines where exactly the avatar is sitting on the object. In a script, this function is set by using "llSitTarget", which the user can define by entering the desired x, y, and z coordinates. Do keep in mind that if you are going to define the sit target, you should define it on a root prim, especially if you are creating a vehicle. As well make sure that the Root Prim is at zero rotation when you do set the sit target, so that way the avatar won't be sitting upside down, or lob-sidded or what have you.
  7. I do no know if you got my reply, but the vehicle is a motor cycle. It's a hybrid of something else but I do not want to give away my design.
  8. Here is an update on what has happened thus far. Sven's suggestion to copy and past the script he posted was good, but it did not sit me correctly as I would hope, However, the script you showed me has a lot of details, and I will look at them and understand how each one will work. On the subject of the script that Dora created, I have not gotten a chance to implement it yet, but the one method by far has helped me was Innula, using this simple sit target script that she provided helped me sit directly on the pose ball. After which I was able to adjust by use of the rotation tools in the build window. That does not mean I have not learned or think that anyone elses contribution is better. I was able to take something positive from each of the scripts and techniques you provided. I will update this thread if I have any more questions.
  9. Thanks for that. I am using Firestorm since Linden Labs did updated there graphics engine. You do not have to do that though, I got feet, I can check out the link and save it just as well. Thank you, and everyone that cared to school me on some options to take.
  10. Thanks for the tip. Thats what I figured I would have to do. I guess it would be easy for others, me... Well I barely knew what half of those functions were supposed to do, but I can distinguish how to use if and else statments as well as make sensors, I just have not explored in the field of the lindens vehicle functions. I will take time to test them all out to see what each one does and how they would work for me. I love to customize and make my own stuff, but it drives me insane when I am not sure which function to use. I'll get understand it more eventually.:matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  11. Thank you all so much, I did also come across Doras post in the process of my research. Thanks all. I also wanted to keep this thread alive so I will bring feedback periodically. I find it very strange that there are not many videos on the subject since building a pose ball is very vital to vehicles. Also Sven, I actually took the pose ball script that you gave me and inserted it in the proper states and it works. I will still try out Dora's Script, I am just ashamed that I could not figure this out on my own, but Thankful that there are people like you all that try to take the frustration out of peoples live and make it as easy as possible. I will look up these functions and make a list of the ones that I feel I may need to use, that way I don't get lost in the wiki's. Thanks guys. Now I just need to load up an animation. I cry here if I run into any further problems.
  12. Thanks so much for the speedy reply. I will try this out and let you know how it turned out. It seems that no amount of studying is helping me to wrap my head around the LSL language. Do you have any info about why an object will not save it's rotation when altered to sit the avatar in the right direction? I just wanted to add a little more info for those is are in-experienced like me, and need a layman translation of certain things that go on in Second life as far as scripting. Also, in the part were it asks "llgetinventoryname", do I replace "INVENTORY_ANIMATION" with the name of my animation?
  13. I am still researching this issue because it is one of great importance to me. I recently created a pose that I would like to upload and place into a pose ball for a vehicle, which is a bike. I have been searching online for anyone that may have asked this question already but have not found anything. So forgive me if I am asking a question that may have already been answered. The question is this, is it possible to just create a sphere, alter it's size, set the object to sit, sit on the object with the animation file in the object, set the rotation to orientate the avatar to sit the way I want it, and just make a script to just play the animation? OR Do I have to make the pose ball size and script all these features from scratch? What I am simply trying to do is have my avatar sit on the object, rotate it so the avatar is facing the direction I want it to, and keep the settings, but everytime I re - rez the object and click on sit, it does not sit me in the same position I had it before. I want to try and understand what it is that I may be doing wrong, so please include your criticism, it will be much appreciated.
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