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  1. Thank you very much all here or everybody to send me IM to say me how I could do to delete this bad object. Sorry to my friends (or not still !!) who had "my gift" (It's not me !!!!) . The owner or creator of this message and object is Ordinal Malaprop !!! It is the true name, I don't know !!! I have searched and the result is: Ordinal Malaprop Maturity : G General Anything about "ExDepart": please read point 2 carefully. 1. Please do not IM me and just say "hi". Elaborate. 2. Please do not IM me about anything you did not buy ... So I delete this bad object. It was to 4000 alt!!! Sorry my english is not very very good LOL PYTHA
  2. Pourquoi y a t il toujours des problemes de connexion ? J'en ai eu à la même periode pendant plus de 2 jours ,presque 3 et encore aujourd'hui le 17 mai 2012 ????? Ce qui est désagréable est le fait que quand ça nous arrive ,on vérifie si d'autres ont le même problème et bien non , y'en a qui arrive à entrer !! On pense que c'est un problème "français" LOL .Pas d'info connu !! Pas de message d'avertissement !!! Rien !! Pouquoi ??? Et là on se sent seul LOL On persévère comme moi et toujours le même problème, même message "check your internet connection" LOL Ma ligne est bonne alors??? C'est franchement desagréble!! PYTHA
  3. Thanks fast answer . I try it and I shall see it's good or not . I didn't know ||SetKeyframeMotion. I go to college of scripting ... horsa and I haven't sawn this. So thanks again. Sorry my english isn't very good ! PYTHA
  4. Hi I begin to write scripts, simple script ! A cat walks ( I do it) and changes direction ( is my problem) on ground . When it changes direction, it changes completly LOL Not right, it is head down and feet up for exemple ! I have use IISetRot or IIGetRot but problem . And my second problem how choose parameters directions ex IISet(<0.00000,0.00000,0.00000>) or south direction <0.5,0.5,-0.5,-0.5> without an other with IIEuler2Rot(<0,0,PI/2>) ???? It's only exemples that I have found !! My script is simple no? but I begin and I can't find a solution for it. Please, someone can help me. Thanks. PYTHA
  5. Bonjour Je sors de mon inventaire un "programme" de création ( un cube 1 prism ) mais j'ai un message qui me dit que ma parcelle est pleine (full) alors que que j'ai que 16 prisms sur une parcelle de 512m2 qui supporte 117 prisms normalement . Je comprends pas . Merci de me répondre. Carlisle(201,191) avatar PYTHA
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