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  1. On a few occasions out of the blue my avatar will start doing somersaults when I am trying to walk and forces me to squat sit while I am standing. It used to happen sometimes after I hopped off of my WK horse, but now it just happens at random. It usually happens when I teleport to another sim. After awhile it will work itself out and sometimes it will fix if I teleport out and back in...but never does it help by relogging. It also does not matter which AO I am wearing as I have tried changing my AO as well and have tried taking it off. Does anyone know why this might be happening?
  2. Sometimes you fall in a place you can't get out of and you need to fly out. Or, as in the place i am now, they have it set up so poorly that you have to fly across a sky platform to get to the house you want to rez and look at. I keep falling and there is no way to fly back up to the platform. I don't understand what the point is for no fly places. I am the type that loves to walk and look around so flying is something I rarely do. But it is certainly nice to have that option when you need it. It seems like its always the sims I am not able to fly in that have their sims set up for so many fal
  3. Bloody brilliant! Thank you. I tried everything and this was the only thing that worked. Thank you ever so much.
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