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  1. Wish he had point and click. I keep crashing in to thing using arrows
  2. I figured out the prob with viewing the front lol.
  3. I downloaded the cool viewer and its not bad how do I find my landmarks, teleport history and all that? In my old viewer I used to have a menu down the bottom and one on the side that had search, saved landmarks etc
  4. Ok thanks. Is there anyway to change the camera view from rear to front? I like to use the front view option to see how outfits look from the front. The layout is a bit different to what I'm used to.
  5. I'm currently using v3 of the SL viewer and I quite like it for what I do. For the hell of it I downloaded the v1 that I came across in someones post on another thread on here. I logged in and for the first time ever my avatar moved a bit more smoothly and not so jaggedy. Sometimes I have a slight moment in time when my avi walks smootly and what the normal pace would be and then it falls back in to being slow. I know it's probably my computer but why would the v1 viewer allow my avi to move a lot better? I also noticed that the shoes and some things were a bit blocky is that because the viewer doesn't support mesh? Oh to have a veiwer or any viewer where my avi and the world around her moves in a more smoother fashion.
  6. Ah thanks that would explain it.
  7. Hi, For some reason I cannot log in to SL. The loading bar comes up at the same position loaded and just flashes not moving at all, not logging me in. I have tried a couple of other viewer with the same prob. Bar is always at the same spot not moving. It shows me at my last location on the veiwer too. So it's not a blank screen etc. I logged in fine a couple of hours ago with no probs.
  8. I turned off group tags. Well I put it on to none. I use the ctrl alt shift 4 thing sometimes and that helps a little. Where do I go to check if something I'm wearing has scripts?
  9. All the places I like to go in SL lag really badly for me. Are there any nice places just to go walking through that have hardly anyone there so there isn't so much lag? I like going to a couple of nice clubs and the area takes ages to load and then all the avatars are grey instead of showing what they really look like. It's really quite frustrating.
  10. Makes sense to me. I have a house that's basically a big room which I picked when I joined up to premium and I go there when I change. I put some curtains up and added some free furniture so it's not entirely barren. I personally don't need a house but it's handy to have.
  11. Where did you get the hair from?
  12. Ideas on how to cut down the lag on my veiwer and help things load faster?
  13. Feel free to IM me if you like! Always looking for shopping buddies. Just do a search for Ursula Rose.
  14. I love to wear heels in SL, taking note to look for *normal* shoes. Most of the shoes I buy I can't quite get the skin to match my own and the straps and they disappear in to the floor etc etc. Some freebie shoes I have work way better.
  15. Thanks for all the replies! I didn't want to totally deck myself out in free stuff just wanted to have a look see. I have spent quite a bit on my avi and clothes etc hahaha.
  16. Thanks for the help. I think my best bet is geting a new graphics card.
  17. I'm using a viewer downloaded from project snowstorm (Second Life 3.2.5) and Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller. My partner is going to buy a new graphics card for my computer soon.
  18. What is your favourite freebie shop in world? :)
  19. Hi, I'm around 2 weeks old to SL and I was wondering if there are any tips or tricks aka tweaks that I could do to my viewer to help the performance. Example minimise lag and loading of things? Sometimes my viewer lags badly and sometimes it's not to bad. Sometimes some people avis load and sometimes they don't load at all! Thanks.
  20. My partner fixed the problem for me. I will stay right away from Phoenix from now on.
  21. No of course it was not totally destroyed. I was metaphorically speaking. It just turned in to a giant egg.
  22. Phoenix totally destroyed my avatar lol I think I will just stick with my original viewer!
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