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  1. For the last 3 months I have been trying to raise tickets for a growing number of items that go missing from my inventory. Items like dance animations have gone missing a few days after I thought I had placed them sensible in a HUD. I admit though lack of understanding I bought a lot of transfer only animations because they were cheaper. After getting feed up with being bounced from on ticket line to the next I decided to replace most of my missing animation with copy version. Next day today the hud that has all my animation is not visible any more. So another wasted week end logging on and off resting scripts and getting no way. Sure only 2 days ago I saw a question some else posted about a hud not being visible on some ones screen. I thought I would go and find the info and result. But all the helpful information seem to be scatters about like nobody cares if things go wrong because my lose is someone beef steak.
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