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  1. Thanks Rolig Loon. The top right hand corner has been one of those blind spots I avoided because so many thing pop up when I mouse over. I am not sure about a hud with a clock but I know that at sometime I got prompted to enable some clock in the developer menu. This was to help me to get to SL classes on time. Now I can start going to classes. Once again Thanks for the help.
  2. You have completely missred my question even AFTER I state clearly that there is nothing wrong with my computer clock. YOu offer a solution that will completely screw up my operating system. ALL the SOFtware on my computer runs perfectly it is only the Second life clock in SECOND LIFE that is running as a STOPWATCH.
  3. When ever I log on to Second Life my clock reads 0:0:0 and then proceeds to run like a stop watch. I have looked all over for the preferences to fix the time and there is no way to fix this. I joined the Firestorm group to get help with this problem and they did not give me helpful solution. There answer was that my computer clock must be wrong. Yet everything else runs ok on my computer. I have had this problem since 2010 with Windows 32 bit and now Windows 64. Every thing runs ok but the damn SL clock.
  4. Way too much self questions and answers. I guess my life on SL must sound out of this world to you KarenMichelle. (100% thrill) I bet you would like to investigate all my clams. sure I would love to take you to the sandbox where I got my object swapped with a booter lagger.That is the place where the owner has a Linden name. sure go ahead. I really do not see why you feel the need to copy and re read lines from my thread posts. My RL and SL life are too fast for Emotes and rewinds. But no dough you will be copying most of this reply and serializing it cause you are meant to be the funny guy. YEAH? BTY the Person or persons that Booted me yesterday was not targeting me. They just crashed about 6 sims at once. They do not give warnings but one can see the signs days ahead sometimes
  5. God this reply of your is so annoying. You have not read a word of it and made assumption. Yeah I am an old time alright and I know women do not make such kind of wild assumptions. I have never been banned by any SL sim owner OK. so please do not try and mock me with assumptions. We all get really bored sometimes and look for ways to give clever answers to questions that we do not fully understand. Somehow whenever I post on this forum one or two people totally miss read everything I say and try and twist what my original post meant. So without going all over it again I will just simply say " I follow the sim rules off all the sims I visit" Meaning I would not teleport to an G rated sim with a adult rated cloths, outfit of group sign. I do not wear or have any child or infant type avatar out fits. I understand what is meant but the term Age play when looking at the pop down menu in the Report abuse. so please read carefully before replying and then also read your reply carefully before hitting the Post Button. Youtube is a much wider and potentially damaging platform I I could use to bring this matter to more peoples attention. People that do wrong and ignore any possible consequences are often left dazed and confused when they loose their account or log on one day to find they VW is no more. It is only then they have all the time to read the rules they should have followed.
  6. I am sorry to have to speak my mind but I am always left feeling that Linden Labs allow some of the more nasty abusing of peoples hardware by griefers. I am sure they will be people that read this that get pleasure from screwing up peoples computer hardware. Ok it is often not easy to see who is going to cause one griefing so most of the time I just do not respond to Im's from strangers if they are the lame old, "Smile", "waves" etc. Some times I just do not have the answer to why someone wants me to know they are smiling. I am also careful not to respond to sex requests from avatars that look underage or look like greifers. Whoever they have been a few times I have been stressed and busy and I have had to tell people to keep out of my IM box. A minute or so later my avatar is flying out in the middle of nowhere and if I do not log of SL really quick whatever code is being used lock's my computer up and I have to switch the whole thing off to get control of my computer back. when people decide to boot you there is no time to find somewhere to sit. even if you did sit down the code locks your computer down and probably is destroying my hardware. Most people that come across this type of grefing do not report it after seeing the rather unhelpful advise. The 1st time I got boot lagged the new computer I had just got was fired with in a week. I do use the sex sims because I make animation and mesh but I have noticed a growing number of people that come into adult sims with avatars that are bordering on underage to avatars that are blatantly portraying infants. In some of the sims I point this out to the sim owner and they say that they can only block these avatars if they are seen and reported but reporting them to LL is a waste of time because LL does nothing. So it would no appear that some people with nasty boot codes are going into adult sims in infant avatars just waiting for someone to tell them to leave so they can mess up the experience of anyone that is following the rules set. I have even been booted from an adult sandpit for no reason by someone with a Linden name. I guess I am not supposed to say that but if we all say nothing then the whole virtual world will die the same way Yahoo chat died. I do enjoy going to the adult sims and talking with like minded people about making mesh and animation but I think enough is enough with the age play avatars going into adult sims. Some people say SL is using the infant avatars to run a sting wel I say that is pure BS.
  7. When you list blender avastar chat group are you refering to a group in SL. and By Notcard do you mean send you a Notcard in SL?. I try and avoid groups because of the random IM's that pop up. But it looks like I will have to rejoin the group if that is the case.
  8. I really do not know why you are commenting like this. But I am talking from experience. 34 days ago I bought fitted mesh boobs. A few people that saw them said they were impressed. Then someone else told me my avatar looked a mess and I should remove the boobs and alpha mask. I obviously thought they were a gerifer as SL has so many of them. The next day another 2 people told me my avatar looked a mess and I had something stretching from chest area to the floor. One of then took and snap shot and sent it to me. It was then that I asked them what version of Firestorm they were using. They said they were still on the Beta version. A lot of people do not both to update. So please do not continue this conversation they way you are because you are introducing side issues and going completely of the plot an making me very angry. I am trying to give feed back on technical issue and I hate having to get side tracked . You have your own issues and you can address them to the appropriate people. Every one has there own kind of experience whatever viewer they are using so please do not make me out to be some kind of idiot because I pointed out some facts you are have not come across. NUFF SAID. This argument is redundant.
  9. I am actively testing the addon and I would like to be able send feedback. I can't remember which forum to report to
  10. Yes I have and I have tried the 1-1-1023. addon. My original complaint was that the addon was being updated nearly everyday without any update information on what is new in the change. This new update only Removed the obsolete refresh shape button Also many of the updates were not being supported by Firestorm. Some creators have being making fitted mesh that works on SL for sometime but they have been using Avastar or Firestorm. So I was pointing out that it was frustrating to work with an addon that had current update documentation. I have to admit I would not have been able to get the 1-1-1023 addon to work with the sliders had I not watched the video. However I have only been using the 1-1-1023 for a day and I am not sure if I should switch to the 1-1-1024 without further information on what has changed. Thanks for the reminder anyway M8.:matte-motes-wink:
  11. I finally got to upload a fitted mesh dress to SL using Firestorm. I made the mesh in one version of Avastar not sure which one probably the avastar-1-1-938_blender-2-64 version. But I did a final test and upload using avastar-1-1-998_blender-2-65. The shape sliders worked OK. The only problem is when breasts or torso muscles are made bigger the actual mesh moves further away from the body mesh. With small enlarging say Breast size is 65 on the size slider the breast area looked OK. With the low cut top part of the dress showing half the breast the dress looked OK with the buoyancy set to lowest value. The dress mesh even reacted will to low values of the SL physics. The scaling issue might have something to do with me havening used different versions of the avastar test versions. So not I feel tempted to stick with the avastar-1-1-998_blender-2-65 version for at least a month. That is how long it should take me to make a decent mesh I guess.:smileyhappy:
  12. The steps I showed are not for making a fitted mesh they are for making a giant avatar. What I was pointing out was the creating of the body shape for your mesh parts. I was really just experimenting to see what would work. The theory being to recreate the Avastar rig used in Blender in SL as your body shape in SL. So hopefully the mesh clothing you make with the same rig in Blender will fit your Giant or tiny rigged body parts in SL. But the only way to see if my steps work is to try them. I had tried uploading with all the possible options. I will however try the suggestions you have made in your reply to my post in the latest test version for fitted mesh. I was going to suggest removing the Belly deform bone used for the changing belly size as both bone envelops create a distortion that is hard to smooth out. However I will be trying to make the fitted mesh with no weights from the Belly deform bone. I think the Pelvis bone should be able to do the job better on it's own to give a smoother belly shape when it is enlarged. The fitted mesh might work better with fewer deforming bones in the hip and belly area. This is because I think one bone should be enough to make the belly larger or smaller while also changing the love handles. Just a theory ok no big deal.
  13. Are you using Avastar to make your mesh. I tried the last testversion and the slilders do not work on Blender. with the other versions the uploaded mesh turened the avatar into a mess. It would help more to know how you got your mesh to work because at the moment it's hit and miss with Avastar. I might need to reinstall Blender and find a version of Avastar that works. Mabye the 1-1-998_blender-2-65. I might have swapped and changed to many times that Blender is confused
  14. Ok 1st of all thank you for asking as I also need to document my work with Avastar. The uploading of the of the mesh is the easy part. The problem is I have I have agiant body shape on SL and I am not sure which version of Blender or avastar I used. But anyway here goes the theory. 1) after you open Blender go to the add menu and add a fresh Avastar rig. Don't delete the cube. Instead use the move tool to move it away from the rig. Then position it and scale it so it is the same hieght as the rig. 2) Pleasr note this is next step works only with the latest versions of Blender and Avastar. a) make sure the cursour and origion of the rigg are at x=y=z=0 b) then Right click the Avastar rig. c) hit S to go into scale mode and then scale the rig to your deiserd size. Note the cube will give you an idication of how tall your rig is going to be against a normal avatar. 3) Next Right click Select all the mesh parts, This should the Both Eyes, Eyelashes, Head, Upper Body and Lower Body ( that is all in total 6 mesh parts 4) then in the Export to Second Life panel make sure the Apply Armature scaling and Apply Rotation and Scaling boxes are ticked. Leave the other tick boxes as they are. see image 5) then left click the Collada(avastar) (.dae) button or go to File -> export menu and choose Collada(avastar) (.dae) 6) once in the Export page you should see the same Export to Second Life panel at the bottom left of the page with the same boxes ticked. 7) give you file a name making sure you have the dae extention at the end of the name. 8) Once your load up Firestrom and are logged on to SL Go to the build menu and upload and then select mesh/ modle . 9)Find your mesh and click the OK button 10) Then below the Preview Panel tick the Skin Weight box. You mesh rig should go onto the rest pose 11) then in the "This Model represents" drop down choose the "Avatar Shape" 12) Next switch to the Upload Options Panel. Tick the Include skin weight and Include joint positions tick boxes. 13) Cick the Calculate weights & fee button 14) once the calculations is done and your happy you can then click the upload button. 15) once you have your rig in your inventory click it to wear on an avatar that you have prepared to test the rig. 16) once you have the rig on your avatar Left click your avatar and choose edit Outfit Then take your mouse coursur to the icon that looks like gear wheel. 17) go to New Body Parts and then select New Shape 18) once your in the new shape panel you can use the sliders to adjust the avatars feet level from the ground. You may wish to make other adjustments but they will be limited. 19) Give the shape a name and you should see the new shape in your envontory with the shapes icon. You can now delete the mesh shape you uploaded as you will not need it any more. 20) your avatar will now look long and spaggeti like because it does not have the right body mesh. 21) Next go back into Blender and Select any one of the mesh parts. 22) Split yout screen and make one of the screens the UV editor. 23) in the 3d view switch to edit mode and then hit 'a' on your
  15. I will probably get my account removed from the forum for speaking what I see it true. Most of us end up buying software from the money that we work hard to get. In my case 12 hours of standing, loading and unloading machinery to earn the £22:00 that I paid for Avastar. A lot of the time the videos have information that is incorrect. When I have experimented with Blender and Avastar I have often found solutions. Just to show you what I am talking about I tried the Giants and Tines tutorial and found some fundamental errors. For a start selecting all the mesh parts and exporting is what it shown in the video. But when you do this you can not apply skin texture to the mesh. I However found a way of uploading and with the added ability to apply skin textures. The videos do not show this and when every I offer the advice it is ignored or my comments removed. Most of the tutorials go of on tangents and are hard to follow. In the Tines video tutorial a totally unnecessary and complex procedure is used to get the avatars feet to be level with the ground. When I upload an avastar mesh body to SL I fix the avastar feet to level with the ground just by using the -> Edit shape - then I used the Hover slider to level the feet. Yeah I used to get maddened when I used the some process over and over to do some thing that never goes right and then even madder when I am presented with a simple solution. So in the end I choose to grow up and listen to other peoples solutions no matter how simple they are because often the simple solutions work. Since the fitted mesh version of avastar was announced they seems to be a constant daily new version of the addon being available to download. Their is not coherent notes on what has changed. Only one version has ever produced usable results in SL and I should have kept to it. However the new version of Firestorm does not support that file any more for fitted mesh. I recently tried to point out in the video about the "Issues with official fitted mesh blend file" that the problem shown with the upload to SL might have more to do with Firestorm not being compatible with the blend file used. I found this out from someone that had used the same file but uploaded their mesh using the SL viewer. It makes sense for SL to make their viewer compatible with a file they made for themselves 1st than to make it compatible with Firestorm. Other viewers it appears are working well with the SL Blender file. And I feel Avastar are making to many unnecessary updates to the addon and giveing no clear documentation. I also think the new Firestorm has not been made compatible to any of the Avastar addons that I have been painfully trying. So my next step is to start using the alternative viewers to Firestorm. For all we know making fitted mesh work with Firestorm might never happen.
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