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  1. Thanks ladies, it fixed the issue I had 🙂
  2. For some unknown reason I can't see the movement of any kind of waves of different creators. When someone else logs in on my pc they have the same issue. When they log back into their own pc they can see the waves just fine. I wonder where I can find the setting to see waves movement again. Can someone pleaseeeeee help me? I'm using Firestorm, not the newest version but the version before.
  3. Thankies! Checking it out right now :matte-motes-grin:
  4. doesn't really look that awesome but thought, let me post it anyway. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/F-Casual-Jacket-BLUE/4583682 Oh and try this one... Hoorenbeek https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Velvet-Blazer-Blue/4064223
  5. First of all, I looked in the forum and did a search on mesh stores and couldn't find any threats, so therefore this one. Up front an apology if there was a threat about this, just didn't see it. After doing some shopping, some more shopping and then some more... I am out of resources. Unfortunately shopping is one of my bad habits that I can't seem to kick after I quit smoking. So.... Can anybody give me some extra stores where I can find some nice mesh clothes for guys and girls? Every name is welcome, even the obvious ones, you never know....
  6. Great story, liked reading it.
  7. I tried a polite NC and changed to content as i didn't know it was against the rules to name people. I thought this was a place to share and ask freely. My apologies for that. And about moving on. 4000 ld is a lot of money for nothing. So in that perspect i am not so happy
  8. In this week, the second week of February, we decided to move to *** Islands because one of the staff members helped us so nicely to find what we were looking for. We got all set, happy to go and we paid 2 weeks of rent. We rezzed a bunch of stuff to the land, only to find out that when we returned after the sim restarted, everything was gone. We talked to Candy *** about the matter and not only did we get a response after waiting a long time for it, the answers that we got were: " SL is having a bad day". Sending a notecard to their support member asking for an explanation resulted in getting no response what so ever. We waited 4 days for them to give any response at all. We paid 4200 ld for a place that we never had and we lost a bunch of no copy inventory as well in the process. Has anyone else had trouble with them? Needless to say, we abandoned the land and went back to the place where we have been renting for over a year without any problems at all and settled for quality over bigger land.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. I def will look into it.
  10. Hi everyone, I have a 1/4 homestead with no estate rights. I want to turn a part of the sim into a forest theme and the other part as a beach area. Sure, i can drop down a huge prim, put a texture on it and drop some sculpties here and there as gras mounts but it looks too cheap. There must be other solutions that i don't know about so i'm dying to find out through this forum.:matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Greetz, Shaz
  11. if you have phoenix viewer, go to advanced. Then go to test caracter, test female, then you get a basic avi back. Then put on your shape, skin and all other stuff. Go into edit appearance mode, click bottom "make outfit". You can save your clothes, shape, skin, ao and everything in that outfit. This is a good way of getting back to your old self in a matter of seconds. Good luck with that.
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