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  1. Still eager and looking. Dont hesitate to message me in world!
  2. We are still looking. We dont bite so send us a message!
  3. And just posted: Posted by Status Desk on September 1st, 2014 at 01:44 pm PDT [Posted 1:46 PM PDT, 1 September 2014] We are currently performing unscheduled maintenance. During this time, some residents may experience login issues and inventory loading issues. Residents in-world may also be logged off. Please refrain from rezzing no-copy objects and making L$ transactions during this maintenance. Please check back here for updates.
  4. Hmm I dont see that being an issue because people on my friends list are logging in and out. Chat and inventory seems to be messed up. No copy items are copying themselves and the originals wont even pick up.
  5. Cant derez item due to inventory fault and chat wont work. This just started within the last fifteen minutes...uuuhhhhh whut is going on!@!!!!!!
  6. I have gotten a few responses but we are still looking. Dont be shy, you can message me
  7. Hello there, My name is Laurence and my girlfriends name is Claudia. Together we are both looking for a pet that would be living in our home, spending nearly all of their time with us and doing what we want. We both live in different time zones so we have time when we are alone. We want that pet to be around to hang out with, go shopping with, use as a **bleep** toy...whatever really. You most likely wont be paid for being our pet, but...you do get to go on shopping trips (and get to buy clothing that you like), live for free in our very large home and have two loving and caring people taking
  8. Since July 18th I have been unable to put a post in the upcoming events section of the forums. I post events, and they close. I have posted them awhile before they start and even a few minutes after they have started. EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY GET DELETED. Why is this happening over and over, with no warning and for no reason. I am getting sick and tired of it.
  9. Tonight from 3-4PM SLT Diamond Doll's will be holding another of its weekly pool parties. Come see hot girls in sexy bikinis dance just for you. It just so happens they might get wet enough to have to take off those bikinis, so come and hang out! Live DJ, contest board and just lots of fun! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Diamantes%20Negros/159/67/23
  10. I am holding an event at my club from 3-4PM SLT tonight and I need a DJ to come cover for us. Looking for a mixture of house, pop, etc. You will be paid for your time and you must be comfortable with nudity (its at a strip club). Please message me ASAP inworld at gadred resident or post in here.
  11. Do you like it naughty or nice? Come and play with the diamond Dolls as they dress as angles and devils for the night! Lap dances, pole dancing, escorting, voice, text all available to meet your every pleasure and desire... Wednesday 2nd July Time 2-3 PM slt Angels and Devils Manager: Claralovell DJ: JAKE Cool Prize L$500 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Diamantes%20Negros/161/67/22
  12. Its time for another Diamond Doll's Pool Party, but this one has a bit of a twist. The guys will have to be naked....yes you are reading it right, its the first Diamond Doll's Naked Pool Party. So not only will the girls be stripping for you, but you will get them all giddy and excited with your nakedness! As always there will be L$1000 on the contest board. Come hang out, but remember, guys must be naked! 2-3PM SLT
  13. Its Leather & Latex night at Diamond Doll's. Come watch our sexy girls dance for you in skin tight clothes that might be tight enough for you to see every nook and cranny, wink wink. Come hang out, listen to live music, join the contest board and have a naughty time! 2-3PM SLT! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Diamantes%20Negros/186/52/23
  14. My girlfriend and I currently own a club and are looking to have a custom mesh building made. She has a specific layout she wants designed as well as colors, etc. Our overall goal is to have an amazing looking mesh building that fits what we need it to do inside and out with the layout such as the entry way, doors to the outside, etc. If you think you can be this person please message me here or in game at Gadred Resident. We have a specific budget in mind and are very eager to get a building designed and created.
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