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  1. Hello. So Second Life used to work on my laptop, but then I got Windows 7 Enterprise, and now it won't work. I keept changing viewers; Catznip, Dolphin viewer, Second Life viewer, Firestorm, Phoneix, but the same was happening. When I open it, I can see throught, whats the problem? It looks like this: http://prntscr.com/4crb6j Please help, thanks x
  2. i cant log in it keeps saying this http://prntscr.com/3yrfx3 i've been trying to log in its been 6 hours i tried to log in at different locations like smith and pooley but it won't let me please help
  3. Theres this person who keeps hacking me and I know who it is and I want to report her. Can anyone helpme ,please?
  4. SL won't let me log in... When i try it, it shows me that i cannot acces it on my computer Help
  5. I tryed to log in many many times but it allways shows to log in ina difrent time D: I tryed to log in a diffrent region but allways the same
  6. When i try to login in my sl account it shows me a tima and i try to log in at that time it don't leted me. I tryed to log in in a other region but it shows the same. .Many of my friend can't log in on their Second Life.that happened to me 15 hours ago... Can you help me ?
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