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  1. How do I set inventory to auto accept incoming items?
  2. on the secondlife viewer I just downloaded how do I change the skin from this awful dowdy coffin gray/
  3. May help to download a secondary browser for those occasions when something doesn't complete. Then go back to the one of your choice for main access.
  4. How do I report an av who deliberately engaged me in private chat (IM) and then copied our chat to send to someone who has abused me over my political beliefs? I consider this a gross infringement of my right to privacy besides which he also discusses my beliefs ( without direct name) in FB and tells those who message him privately and they then ban me from their sim without any contact or search to find out what my beliefs actually are. HOW do I file an abuse report as the tiny help window in the viewer hasn't space to send the nc he copied to me of what he is sending to the avatar? Thanks
  5. would that be through the avatar open list on the net perhaps? twitter etc? facebook??
  6. I have legit political views in my profile, neither anti- any sector nor hate inspiring, but challenging the public view of a last taboo. On the back of this several avs who came to the small empty area I was in circa 6pm slt (I am gmt England) and after a time of swearing and generally acting as street as they thought was clever, sexually explicite etc in voice, one av started to abuse my political view in voice to the others, and was pushing for general harassment and abuse of me. She kept moving around and hiting my av with hers, which I consider bullying, bearing in mind I was there for peaceful purposes and she and her crowd were foreced the because of griefing of the local sandbox. In the end I responded to them in the same terms and level as they choose to communicate, after all being civil was obviously another minus to them and some sign of weakness, though in text not voice, and now find I have a 1 day supension, even though the intolerance and harassment came from this one av, stiring her friends to insult me. HOW does this happen? HOW do I get this injustice recognised annd revoked? I have events to attend this afternoon slt and will be forced to miss them because 1 avatar does not like my politics? This is abuse.
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