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  1. Thank you Chic and Lindal for responding to my question. I will send a ticket, Chic, if I could find Marketplace choices Lindal, it's only right.
  2. Kikkles Capelo

    Delete Review

    After months of not hearing from the creator of an item I purchased as a gift, I wrote a review As soon as the review was submitted I heard from the creator and she corrected the problem by sending said gift to the right person. According to SL noted "The person who left the review can change, update, or remove his or her own review at any time." I tried several times to delete the review to no avail. I've spent over three hours trying to remedy this and looking for information. Hopefully someone can either delete the review or help me delete it.
  3. Thank you for responding and I realize that it's a tedious task. If I disconnect my modem, which I have to do every 2/3 days, and reconnect I find there is no packet loss. It's frustrating, but I guess that's the only resolution.
  4. My ISP has done everything to fix the packet loss (i.e. three new modems, outside lines, resetting modems) and still I'm getting outrageous packet loss in game. There isn't a packet loss for a few days and them "BOOM" there it is again. I'm at a loss and so is my ISP, it's very frustrating. My ISP suggested that there's nothing wrong on my end and therefore it must be a problem on the LL end. Why can't this be rectified?
  5. I just had a horrible experience, because I enjoy panning around the crowd, looking at the beautiful gowns worn by some avatars. I was shocked when the female avatar said, "What are you looking at B****?" I told her I was admiring her gown and she said, ":You were looking at my man, you w****" Well duh he was standing in a holding position with her so I guess I saw him, too. lol '' I finally blocked her after she told me to go find a man who can give me a good "F*** and leave her man alone. I'm happy I found this thread, because I don't want anymore encounters like that in Second Life. If you happen to run into Rosy and JB Stonehill, make sure you're using "don't show my look at target" hahaha
  6. Thanks for your response; however, it was working fairly well and then I updated a driver on 3-16-12 and got the "unknown graphics card" message. There are no new drivers for my graphics card. Any other suggestions? Why am I suddenly getting a message that my graphics card is unknown to Second Life at this time? I just had a Nvidia GeForce GT520 installed and it was recommended by Second Life and worked fine before - well not "fine" but certainly more do-able than it's working now. lol
  7. I'm not sure under which category this belongs; however, it's not receiving a response under "Account" so I'm trying here.   Earlier today, I was approached by an avatar named "*****" and whilst I was pleasant, I in no uncertain terms indicated I was not interested and I logged off SL.  Within minutes I received an email from Second Life that read, "***** is now following you." This was extremely disconcerting, because, for one thing, I have no idea what it means. It's never happened to me before. And another thing...does it mean that this person has my email address? I confronted him in PM, but he claims he hasn't a clue as to why I was notified. Can someone under this category help me, please    
  8. This has never happened before and it's rather disconcerting that someone inworld began "following me" at my PRIVATE email address. How could second life allow this to happen and how can I prevent this information from being divulged in the future? Thanks for your help...guess now I'll have to change my email address. This sux!
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