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  1. Sorry. Was logged in as my alt, Lani. Twas "me" replying. HOHO. Not used to this "other person" thing.
  2. Thanks very much. I seem to have tried these steps with NO success LOL. Will reread again to see if I missed something. I do appreciate your reply.
  3. I am not up on cards since I am not shopping for one *wink* but other will tell you if your card is really too slow for SL. I CAN say that I too have had issues with textures loading the last week or so -- all over so not sim specific. Typically this means that the Tuesday server codes changed. I have also noted a lower frame rate that "normal". I run graphics on Ultra with shadows and everything else on and have a 16mps connection so normally no issues. It may not be you (again I don't know about your card). If it ISN'T "us" (smile) then hopefully next Tuesday's rollout will speed up rezzing a bit. Also note that weekends are traditionally hard in oh so many ways .
  4. The simplest answer is that sometimes IM go astray. It is best to send a notecard with your message if you suspect the friend is not online. The more complex answer -- and probably the most likely if you have NUMEROUS messages that seem to be lost is that the person may be getting too many IMs between the time they log off and log back in again. Linden Labs caps them (I believe at 25) and any additional messages just go off into the ethers. If they really want to get all those messages *wink* they can set an option to get IMs in email. That is under PREFERENCES in the viewer. And as it has been said, they might just not be noticing (or just avoiding) messages that come in while they were off world. They may have subscribed to a lot of vendor groups and just don't want to deal with all those messages so close them without reading. I would talk to your friend and see which possibility is the most likely. There are ways to better your odds on getting messages .
  5. There are still almost two weeks to work on a subway-city themed video. I would love to have posters with links of your video up at my installation at LEA (almost completed after two weeks). So if you missed this post, take a look. Rules are VERY minimal and the base set is all made and up at LEA sandbox for you to dress and create in.
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