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  1. I bought 4 items from Lil Bratz owned by Elona Zeplin and i never got them. In the terms of service I always get this: This item is queued for delivery. Merchants cannot redeliver the item at this time, and have not been paid. If the item is not delivered within 8 hours after purchase, you will automatically receive a refund to your account. If you make a purchase while the transaction is in progress, the refund credit may be applied to your next order. 8 hours went by and i got neither the 4 outfits nor the refund. I contacted this person. She asked me for the transaction history. I copied and pasted it and she gave me no answer AT ALL!!! In the reviews of other outfits of Lil Bratz I see now that some ppl complain about not getting the items. Can something be done to stop this scam?
  2. Ihave an avatar and i have two folders of essesntials for it, one male one female. lately the female skin has shifted to male. i tried buying the skin again but same thing happened.
  3. Hi everyone: I joined SL a little longer than a year ago. I wrote to this post almost as soon as I joined with the same request but now that I have been around I think I know better what I am looking for. I want to find honest reliable friendships, maybe some that could develop, in time, into something more. I have a varied taste in music (though I prefer country), and love exploring, dancing, skydiving, riding my mare and shopping. I'm a really honest caring person, happy to talk about anything and everything, not afraid of trying new things in SL. I'm 50 and would rather meet male friends between 50 and 65 years old. I'm SL+ 4. Feel free to IM or contact me inworld.
  4. I sent an email but got an automated answer. It doesnt work. I really dont know how to buy the linden I need.
  5. Hey Adam: You sound like a nice person and I've been there too. Now thanks to a post like yours and clubbing I have some good friends but there is always room for more so you are welcome to IM me if you'd like a friend. I also love chatting, clubbing (especially country and jazz), visiting places and shopping
  6. Thanks Ran. I truly appreciate it.
  7. This is exactly what I mean! Thanks for interpreting me
  8. I'm 50, looking for a male friend to visit destinations, chat, exchange ideas, have fun in SL. If you are interested, IM me inworld.
  9. to meet a man between 50-60 years old to visit destinations, chat, share common interests. If any man out there is interested, IM me. 555 Hurricane
  10. to meet people between 50-60 years old to visit destinations, chat, share common interests
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