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  1. Thank you, Six. I greatly appreciate your help on this.
  2. I just received the newest viewer download today. Version I'm not sure what has been going on at Linden Labs, but this is not a step towards the future. The navigation is flawed compared to what I had this morning. I don't want to be complaining about all this, but I don't think everyone else will be happy with this new viewer. I just want to know if anyone knows where I can roll back to the version right before this.
  3. Haha! Just as I post that, I figured that the end of the script is basically where it has the if (data == EOF) because that means there are no more lines to read. So I just put a reset script at the end of that if statement and it works just the way I hoped it to. Thanks for the touch help again.
  4. Well, now the problem arrises that it only reads it once. I'd like it to read the notecard each time it clicks, but I'm not sure how to do this without getting rid of the dataserver call.
  5. Thanks, pal. You were a great help.
  6. I have been learning lots from reading topics on the forums. I have also been starting my new project with the help of the lsl portal on notecard readers. I have minimally modified the example script for llGetNotecardLine and come up with this: key color; integer myLine = 0; default { state_entry () //when script starts { llSay(0, "Reading notecard"); color = llGetNotecardLine("Color", myLine); //read notecard } dataserver (key query_id, string data) { if (query_id == color) //was I called to read the notecard? {
  7. Thanks a bunch. I knew it was short, but I must have had the listeners switched. Again, this is just for practice, so I'm just going to try to plug different things in and see what it does. Always good to play with scripts and learn, right?
  8. Hello. I'm still somewhat new to scripting after getting on Second Life again after a year off. I've just been practicing with all the information provided by the College of Scripting and the scripting book that I purchased there. I'm still unsure of how to make an object display text over it that would match what I say. I'm not looking to make a titler, but I'm just practicing on making more complex scripts. All I am looking for is how to use llSetText to display the same message as what I say in world on any given channel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Worked very well. Thank you. Now I just need to fine tune the rest of my stuff and I'll be all set.
  10. Thank you so much. I'll reply back to make sure it works. I'm not new to scripting, just getting back into lsl again after a year away. Thanks again.
  11. After some though, I'm guessing a simpler way to do this is to have different particle systems in one script or multiple particle system scripts in an object's contents. Then I would have a script that would tell each of them to turn on and off based on what color I choose from the dialog box.
  12. I'm not looking for them to change color in their lifetime as a gradient. I want them to change color altogether. I currently own the Porgan 1800. I can choose a color from the color swatches on the Porgan, and the particle display will change to that color. I'm basically trying to get that kind of setup except with a HUD with basic color options.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for some help with my particles at the moment. I've created a HUD that can tell an object with a particle system to turn on and off, but I'm stumped on how to get my particle's color to change. I've created a dialog box that gives options for some basic colors that when clicked, sends a message on a chat channel. Pretty basic stuff there. The only problem I'm running into is actually getting those messages to tell my particle script to do something. That something is to obviously change the particle's colors. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for
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