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  1. Hi Jenny, may I wish you a happy Thanksgiving from a very windy Edinburgh in Scotland. Neil of Caledonia
  2. Thanks for your very amusing reply Rudi, talk about roleplay reflecting real life! Before I check it out though, is there a virtual Edinbjurgh Royal Infirmary on SL? Thanks again for ylour input Neil
  3. Thanks Ziggy, that sounds very promising and is still one of the great reasons why people visit Scotland. Perhaps if he'd made an appearance at Culloden like John Hurt's dragon character in "Merlin" we might have done a bit better! Thanks again for hylour help
  4. Thanks for your very amusing reply Ziggy, I believe my forefathers were true to the Jacobite cause so no doubt they were brutally slain by the Redcoats, though what Butlins amusement staff were doing at Culloden beats me! I think Alec Salmond is relying on the oil to persuade us that being independent is a good idea so if you could make sure you don't steal too much! Thanks again for your response
  5. Hi Fellow Residents I'm a retired guy from Edinburgh and have been on SL for a couple of weeks. I have heard there are places where Scottish and Gaelic folk music is performed but having perused the Destination Guide I can't see any obvious venues. I would really like to find places where the chat is stimulating, Scottish themes would be particularly welcome, and where I could listen to good Scots folk music. Being retired I can log on throughout the day so lunchtime sessions would also be welcome. I would also be interested in hearing about any roleplaying sites with a Caledonian flavour and what the roleplay actually entails. SL has been pretty good so far but tghis would be the icing on the cake. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to receiving your input. Urbanacious
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