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  1. I visited SL's Winterland and several items are given out...better items if i give a premium member token. I am a premium member but never heard of a token. Checked my account - i do not have one. Where do i get one?
  2. This is an awesome pic. How does one get their photos to be SL Pic of the Day? I missed the memo. :-(
  3. everything tells me that the clothing i took off is not on but it still shows on my screen that it is on. This is frustrating!!! I had on gloves from one outfit, took it off to wear another outfit and it still shows that i am wearing the gloves. even when i put on another pari of gloves the one i took off shows still. ????? I emptied cache thinking this would help but doesn't. And this shows up on all 3 viewers i use: SL, Singularity and Firestorm.
  4. In the past 2 days I cannot see my home...island huts on rocks (even the rocks)...only portions of the home shows...I did not build these but the furniture I rezzed do show up. What happened in the past two days? I used to see them, now they are gone. Builder/owner told me it is a Firestorm issue but I am using SL Viewer because the new Firestorm version does not work on my computer (yes I jira'ed the problem with them) so I removed Firestorm from my computer. Now i use only SL Viewer (latest version). ???
  5. okay I just started having this problem two days ago....never had it before AND i am using SL viewer (latest version)!!! I have to admit, i tried to update my firesorm and did the clean install instructions (deleted old version first) and for some reason that new install doesn't work, it doesn't go beyond "clearing cache". I have jira'ed this. But now my SL is not showing buildings (I rent a small island in the sky with huts and rocks) on my island and I didn't build them, my owner did. So what the heck???? I am stuck using SL viewer until Firestorm gives me a fix. I completely deleted the new install until they do. ???? Only prims I have rezzed and some of the items that come with the huts (curtains) rez but nothing else. Owner (Felixx Shepherd at Da Vinci Gardens, Kalepa) has reported this and he was told it was Firestorm. But I'm not using Firestorm, I'm using SL Viewer. ??? :-(
  6. I have the same problem but not always....it's sporadic and really frustrating. I thought it was my speakers but playing regular music from Pandora, iTunes, and VirtualDJ is not problem at all - plays music without stopping. Only on SL. ????
  7. I have to login to my home but can't. sim is unavailable or gone???? IM'd land owner but he is not answering??? I can login somewhere else though. Sometimes I can login but am taken to a place nearby (it says). Yet I cannot tp to my home/sim???
  8. I had to buy a new laptop and decided to go with windows 8. SL comes up and the screen "vibrates" intermittently to the point that it is distracting. I have Intel graphics 4000 and 16gb mem. Tried both SL & Firestorm viewers and both act the same. Also, all of my temporary-rezzed prims do not display. ???? Any help out there?
  9. Using new firestorm. Jira'ed this problem twice and still no answers. So much of my screen (prims - anything in landscape and other avatars) remain grey. Not a nice view-er!!!
  10. I anxiously wait for Octoberville opening day! This is my 4th year, got my name up on the wall twice now, missed year 2 and now missing year 4 - darn RL!!! I've turned at least 20 avis onto Octoberville and they just love it!!! The scenery really gets to you. Love the roleplay too - just makes the entire experience something to NOT MISS...darn RL!!! I've even gotten my co-horts at work wanting me to login during lunch to show them SL. Now there's 10 of us here iSL and in Octoberville. Whooot Hoooot!!! :-) Just wanted to say that your entire family and staff outdo yourselves each year - making each year more exciting. Even though I can't finish the game this year, I still enjoy playing....hee hee CYA around...maybe :-)
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