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  1. I updated my information an hour ago and when I look at the viewer in my profile it still says that I have not updated my payment info. If someone can help that would be appreciated. Rach
  2. Often you need to retard for the viewer to recognise the changes. See if that works. Rach
  3. Ok. I saw a lot of people were havig the same dramas. I guess I will just have to wait it out. Thanks
  4. Yeah that about sums up most of the SL BDSM experience. Be picky, very picky. And quite frankly if they are not offering you some sort of RL component I would never ever "sign on the dotted line". It takes time and energy to find a true Dom and with SL being what it is there are a lot of wankers who linger around so called bdsm clubs and lure in unsuspecting submissives. It does work both ways though... a lot of submissives who like to play around on their 27 alts and its all a bit of a joke to them. Learning about someone and their style takes time and effort on both part. If you are both genuinely serious about embarking on this adventure together it wont just be a matter of collar a run. I have also noticed a lot of so called Doms consider themselves poly. Basically in short it means that the already moronic dip**bleep** of a so called Dom not only has one sub but has many...and thus is time poor. If this is a lifestyle you are interested in I would embark upon it down a different path there are many online forums that you can chat to people outside of second life that are much more worthwhile. Best of luck.
  5. I have tried the updated official viewer... with the same outcome.
  6. HI there, I have read this a lot in the forums here and there and I have taken several steps to try and solve this myself using other forum ideas... but alas I am at a loss. Firstly I would like to say that I can run phoenix viewer v1.5.2.1185 perfectly well, no problems at all. When I try and run the new updated version of second life or firestorm I am able to log in for all of a minute then my screen freezes and I am logged out. Here are my system specs - Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Intel Core i7 cu 930@2.80GHz (8 CPUs) ~2.8GHz Memory 12288MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 I use Optusnet ADSL. And yes I was using a netgear router but as they featured so frequently in any problems with second life I unplugged it and I am using the OPTUSNET standard issue Sagem Fast1201 V2 Optus ADSL modem. I am at a loss. I have fiddled with settings and... I have lowered draw distance I have lowered my graphics card setting I have unplugged my netgear modem I have turned off my computers firewall I have configured my firewall using the official linden lab guidelines http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Configuring_your_firewall Rebooted my optus modem Defragged and cleaned out my computer Uninstalled and reinstalled the viewer Tried the Beta viewer.. (to no avail) I just find this rather exhausting. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks, Rach
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