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  1. So I am trying to help a friend of mine out, and if anyone can clear this up, I'd be greatful. Problem: He used the wrong email adress while creating his account and as a result cannot finish registering by verifying the email to the account name of DBY106698. Solution: It's 1 of 3 possible things. 1: You can change the email assigned of avatar DBY106698 from cool16698@AOL.com to cool106698@AOL.com, this is what he is hoping can happen. 2: You can delete the account that is in process of registration in order to free up the avatar name DBY106698 so that he can redo the registration with the CORRECT email. 3: Tell me straight up that its forever lost and avatar DBY106698 is forever assigned to nonexistent email of cool16698@AOL.com and he is stuck having to use a different name of some sort to register under his correct email. Its gotta be 1 of those 3 unless you know something I don't. So please help me with solving this problem and tell me flat out what can be done or that nothing can be done to fix this.If you need any more information, just let me know and I shall edit the question with replies.
  2. Is there any way to delete questions that you have self answered? -or- is there any way to answer your own questions if you have found the answer, and it's a pretty obvious one, but may be vague to others? Also, is there any way to reply to answers? Because sometimes to solve a question, it takes another question. (I know that sounds confusing, but it's very philisophical). All help is appreciated, Soroshi.
  3. Hey there, it's me again. I just verified my account, age wise, but for some odd reason, in my Preferences> General tab, it will not let me change my Access Content rating. It's stuck on General and Mature, for some reason, an there is no drop down arrow. All help is appreciated, A.S.J.T. *Answered by self*: So it really wasn't an issue, more like stupidity. All it took was actually logging in. Apparently you cannot change your maturity rating from the main menu, but instead have to log in to change it for your account. Thanks for your answers, guys and girls.
  4. Hello, one and all. I have a serious problem. You see, people are calling my av "Ugly" and "Cartoony", I get asked to change my avy before even being talked to, and also I am banned from certain areas, all because I have a Yoshi avy. In my travels around the Second Life world, I have had almost nothing but constant bullying. It's a rare wonder why there are very few Yoshies and other video game characters. I guess this would also be considered racist, too. The Mobian character's like ones based off of Tails and others are also looked down upon too. I am sure that if something is not done soon, there may be a big case of cyber-bullying, because that is what it is. Best of luck and high hopes, Soroshi.
  5. Uhm, hi, heh, first time here... I'm here to say that out of all the help options on the help page, I cannot find at all the Manual Age Verification where the help page sent me to... does anyone know of another way? It should be under the Account Issue option, and then the second box should have the Manual age thing, but it is not there. Help is appreciated. Soroshi.
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