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  1. Договариваться можно только по телефону, через тикеты они не отвечают
  2. Firestorm and stock viewer users also epierence problems with excessive chat repating , notices, excessive data. What about clients which use "optimized" kinds of connection to SL - like LTE users, G3, smartphones, etc. At home over landline I use Singularity viewer which doesn't perform zero coding.. But when I use LTE modem with same client, when being in different place (about 1/3 of my online time) I get that chat repeating and excessive packets. Before this Magnum RC update such effects never happen on G4 modem and very rarely while using tablet as G3 modem or using Lumiya (rare cases of course can be explained by lost packets). G3\G4 providers often use special software which manages automatic logon of loked modem to account and creates virtual network adapter.. So traffic gets compressed and sent other end of this propietary "tunnel", Same problem I have now with my Android tablet client (Lumiya). Slight experimentation with primitive USP send\recieve example code on C++ to send and receive UDP packets through G4 to external server , I own, WIreshark had shown that sent data was modified.
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