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  1. I'll do it but remember this, because it's a game, i'll not put any care into it, in fact it may or may not work. I'll do a rush job and not care about offering any support or quality...because after all, it's ONLY a game! Or put another way, your lack of professionalism and insufficient funds, isn't anyone else's problem. If a script takes an hour to write, it takes an hour to write, nobody is "playing" or necessarily deriving enjoyment from "playing a game" at this point, it's called WORK. Good luck, i'm sure you'll find someone willing to gift their time.
  2. I have re-entered this twice more. The mesh page STILL shows as no payment info. Nor does it show that I have completed the tutorial. The error is not mine!
  3. I have payment info on file, I have completed the mesh tutorial with 100%. Web account says "no payment info on file" and that I need to do the tutorial. What goes wrong with this such that both of these do not show correctly?
  4. Same for me, payment info on file, questionaire completed but no status change. No ability to raise a support case for this either which doesn't help.
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