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  1. It looks like a nice spot. I liked it for the ease of taking my boats in and out. But once I tried doing that a few times across the sims, I just lost too many boats and decided to dump it. But that was because of the surrounding sims not the parcel itself. Why would someone otherwise not like that parcel? I did notice that it seemed like there was a lack of background ocean noise.
  2. I am about ready to let this one go. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/La Manche/196/60/29 I love sailing but the sim crossings around there are just too lethal to my boats! 😝 I'll let it go in one minute, 3:46 SLT. EDIT: And gone. Does it seem like the older homes sit in maintenance longer than the newer homes? And back again... LOL I guess whomever got it didn't like it.
  3. The political sign is still there, but it is small and is easily derendered.
  4. and 14,000+ replies as well. That's a lot of typing! 😎
  5. And there is at least 7 boxes rezzed together. Why so many??? ((feeling fiesty))
  6. OK, as beautiful as it is, I am going to release my Victorian in Carrollton Bay. Now, if it had beachfront... 😉 will hit release at 8:15am pst. (3 minutes from now)... congratulations Mona, you got it.
  7. I wasn't expecting you guys to come out looking for my house! If I had known that I would have left the color alone. LOL. Thank you guys for looking out for me. 😊
  8. Yes, that is the one. Faydra helped me find it! It was invisible to me, as you can see in my first picture, but it wasn't to everyone else. Relogging brought it back. I must have done something... ??? But that house is a beauty! It just might be a keeper!
  9. I just snagged a Vic in Carrollton Bay. I have looked all over the place but I cannot find the mailbox! Is this a thing, for a house to not have a mailbox? On the other hand, it does have some amazing landscaping! Those moles have done an amazing job with the flowers.
  10. I got one I really like! 😄 I also now have an alt that has grabbed a nice houseboat as well. You guys are infectious. 😋😁
  11. I think it is funny how I hover over the LP looking for Victorians, while I fly over the vast land full of Victorians yet to be released. 🙂
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