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  1. Hi. There's an issue with creating rigged meshes in 3ds Max that's been bugging me for a while.I can work around it, but I'd much rather address it if possible. It's about the size of the avatar skeleton in the 3ds Max viewport. Is there any way to have the skeleton imported from SLAV, import at a usable size without having to scale it up first? No matter what I have 3ds Max's system and display units set to, the skeleton will always import as a tiny speck in the middle of the viewport grid. Almost impossible to work on due to the clipping planes slicing through it when you zoom in. Is there something I'm missing or is it just a fact of how 3DS Max's units reflect as Second Life units?
  2. How do I get Linden Dollars on the Aditi grid to beta test meshes? I can't seem to buy them with the "Buy L$" dialog. So how else can I get L$ on Aditi?
  3. Awesome! Thanks a lot! I can say this solution has worked for me. I now have the mesh upload option in the SL viewer. However, the problem with the billing being anavailable still exists. I would like to know if I need billing set up to be able to obtain L$ on Aditi. Do I have to obtain them through the "Buy L$" dialog box or is there some way to obtain them on aditi independant if the billing process?
  4. Seeing as I have what appears to be the same problem, I'll go ahead and add my screenshots of the link above. Here's the familiar mesh upload status dialog. Here's what happens when I click on link in the pink payment info box.
  5. I am having exactly the same problem as you. The payment info and the tutorial worked just fine for the normal server. On Aditi however, I get taken to a page that says Billing Unavailable. I've tried logging in and completing the Mesh Upload Status from several different web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) and every time I'm still met with the "Billing Unavailable" page. I hope this issue can be pinpointed and fixed soon.
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