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  1. Hey Co Co, Im actually looking for the same thing! hehe someone to have tea with, shopping, chatting, you know the girl stuff. Im messaging you InWorld now. <3
  2. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Okies, sounds great everyone, Thank you very much haha Im excited to meet you all
  3. Hello all, I am looking for sims that are Moderate to Adult rated, that is pretty populated were I can meet decent people to chat with. I'm not interested in any sex sims, because it seems thats mostly all SL has to offer, were you can meet live people. While I do not enjoy visiting half empty sims, I also do not enjoy visiting sims full of people looking to get their rocks off. If you know of any sims that fit my description, please feel free to list them here. I've been using the Destination guide as a tool to find such places, but I haven't had any luck. Thanks
  4. So it seems Second Life has either turned into a complete sex crazed place, or Im visiting the wrong locations. I am a married women inWorld, and that ofcourse renders off most of the men in the community, and us women generally do not instant message another. This is what brings me to this form today. My already very short friendlist has gotten even shorter with all my friends tending to real life. Im simply looking for an individual to have a nice conversation with. Im open to hang out at a lounge, or invite you over to my home for coffee. I do enjoy role playing during chatting. So, if you are interested feel free to IM me inWorld, my screen name is Caramelbombshell Resident. Interests: Shopping [thats #1 for sure lol] Exploring Visiting art galleries Going to the Beach Shooting Zombies Go-cart racing Attending various events, such as listening to live singers ...and more shopping lol Thanks
  5. Hey everyone, So first let me say, for the record, Im speaking in General terms, not any kinky sex type stuff lol My boyfriend and I, like many couples, always hang out with just each other. We have other friends ofcourse, but when they hang out with us its almost like they are the third wheel, and sometimes that can be awkward. So, I kinda just thought it would be nice to hang out with other couples, like go on double dates, explore different sims, go to the beach. If anyone is interest let know, or IM me inWorld [caramelbombshell resident]. ps. We're getting married also! hehe So I could use some girls to help me plan my dream wedding. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, So my boyfriend and I want to get tattoos of each others names. Im looking for fabulous tattoo artist to create that for us. Please IM me inWorld [Caramelbombshell Resident] for more details and to discuss charges. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, So my boyfriend just purposed to me. Im really excited, and even more excited to plan my dream wedding. I knew a builder, but she's no longer on Sl now. So, Im left with either finding another builder or a very nice sim to marry the man of my dreams on. I want to have a Fall themed wedding, with tall trees and pretty bright orange leaves on the ground. We are looking to be married inside of a gazebo. If any of you all know a beautiful, well built sim, please let me know either here in the form or inWorld. Thank you
  8. Anywho everyone, the inventation still stands. I look forward to meeting new people, its one of the main reasons I came here. Thanks to everyone who contacted me inWorld. <3
  9. We're talking about the first person who commented. They attacked me for no reason. I'm looking for friends and their on my post talking about "why you wearing prim skirts and invest in a space bar" If you not interested in what I have to say just stop reading and move on! Ugh that's so annoying and unnesscary
  10. Aw Thank you Celeste I appreciate that, I'll look you up and send a IM. I look forward to meeting you! And wow yea you Sl Haters, your a **bleep**ing Joke.
  11. Hello, my name is Mia (caramelbombshell resident), and I am looking to meet girls and guys whoarejustasobsessedwithSlFashionasIam. IabsolutelyLovedressingupinthelastest andhottestnewfashiontrendsofSl. 80% ofmytimespenthereisspentdressinguplolIdo, ofcourse, like to hang out at clubs and bars, but that's to show off my new threads lol I enjoy posting pictures of my outfits to my Flickr [Caramelb0mbshell]. I study Fashion Design in Rl at FIT New York, some of the garments I wear in Sl I have sewn in Rl. I love to Rp [roleplay], sometimesIdothatwhenshoppingorathomeflippingthroughmyMP [marketplace] magazine. Ispendanywherebetween600 - 3kL'saday. ExpensivehabitIknowlolButeveryone hastheir addictions, thisismine. IngeneralIwouldlovetomeetsomeonewhohasagreatpersonality, funtohangoutwith, andsomeonewhoabsolutelylovestodressup, ratherin "normal" orcostume, I rockitall, silks, Goth, steampunk, flirty, sluttylolwhatevermymoodis. IconsidermyselftheSlCarrie Bradshaw [fromsexandthecity], andIneedmyCharlotte, Miranda, andSamtha. Thanks for reading xo Mia
  12. Hello, I am seeking a professinal photographer to take some pictures of me for my profile. I need about 5 done. Im willing to pay anywhere from 500l - 1k per photo. Im looking to take single; close up and full body photos. Please reply with an example shot so I can see your work. You can apply either here or inWorld to Caramelbombshell Resident. Thank you!! :D
  13. The Ruins Atop a hill in the distance can be seen what remains of the once majestic Castle. A place once known for it Hospitality, parties and joy. Formal events dancing music drink were once the norm. Alas one fateful night in the middle of an event, Tragedy struck. A raid, from a rival clan. The party goers were captured, killed or perished in the fire and ultimate collapse of the roof...few escaped. The ruins now rest at the top of the hill, a testament to times gone by. The once lavish galas the stuff of legend and lore. Local Clan folk talk of hearing music still upon the breeze, it is said that raids still occur as visitors from rival clans become confused by the music , laughter, conversation and ghost lights drifting down from the hill. It is said that there are those who do not know that they are gone, and for them... The Dance, the drink, the merriment... go on. Links About the Club http://worldtv.com/the_ruins_tv http://theruinssl.webs.com/ Hello and thank you so much for your interest in working at The Ruins. It is a Medieval/Fantasy/Formal... Classic Rock (Think A Knight's Tale), type club. We are looking for dancers who are erotic and sensual. Role play is not required, but is encouraged. As a dancer you are subject to or marked by strong sexual desire. When role playing your role is to be arousing and provide a physical sensation with your moves and words. All staff MUST be at least 18 years of RL age and age verified with LLNo EscortingWe take 0% of the money you makeYour AVI must be at least 90 days oldYou must be able to read and type fluently in EnglishPlease contact Caramelbombshell Resident at your convenience to receive an application. Once you receive it, fill out the questionnaire and return it to Caramelbombshell Resident. Thank you so much for applying.
  14. Hello, Im interested in being a model for your magazine. Im an experenced model. My application fourm is here. Link to my Flickr account here <3. Anything else feel free to IM me inWorld, name Caramelbombshell Resident [screen name Mia]. Or email me toospo1led@yahoo.com. Or reply to my application fourm. Thank you, Mia Sample Photoshoot Shots
  15. Hello, my name is Mia. I love fashion I study it in school. Im an expernced model and Im looking to continue my career as a model. Things to know about me Im marvelous at styling and I photograph wonderful.Ive been in Sl 1 year.My inventory currently holds over 30k items [and still growing hehe]I wear mostly >>Truth<< Hair with other mesh hairstyles from other people such as Lelkuta.I only wear N-core heels.I have very highly detailed skin called Ooh-la-licious Skins®[I own both fair and caramel colors]I am a curvy model and can model tops for busty women as well as pants or shorts for women with medium or large butts.My specialty is lingerie. <3My face is realistic looking enough to model Hair, Eyes, Jewels, etcI shop daily so Im not looking for anything free. I buy very detailed and expensive cloths and acces.Im open to model for Genreal, and Meature photoshoots.I dont mind some nudty. I speak both English and Spinish.Anything else just ask either Comment here, email; toospo1led@yahoo.com, or just search CaramelBombshell Resident display name Mia. Here are a few sample shots Other Photos
  16. daisa Admiral wrote: Lelutka - Blythe :matte-motes-silly: !! Yay thank you ^^
  17. Jennifer Boyle wrote: I have a friend who hates it because she loves HER shape. I love mesh clothing. Well-done (not all are) mesh skirts look so much better than any others, and sweaters look like sweaters. I think desingers in general have not fully developed their mesh skills yet. I agree that it's not the best situation to have to accept what amounts to a shape chosen by a clothing maker. However, I have some things that come in five sizes, so it's not an huge problem. Also, for loose clothing that doesn't closely follow body shape, like sweaters, it's not a problem. My attitude about price is that an exxceptionally good product is worth paying more for. One good side effect of mesh is that designers have to offer demos, so I can actually see what a germent looks like on me before I buy, just like RL.I have bought a lot of clothing that did not look nearly as good on me as it did in the picture. Some was so bad I just deleted it. Wow you took the words right out of my mouth I was just getting ready to post something like that. Ive had my curvy shape since ive been a member here and I love it. And that is something about Mesh I have noticed also is there sizes. Which still kinda confuses me. Good Post :smileywink:
  18. Pussycat Catnap wrote: And I know you're just saying - you just typed it. <--- I just typed this. <--- I also just typed that. <---- Plus I typed that bit. <---- and then I typed that there. (Some 'filler phrases' are best left behind as they 'devalue' the speaker). Being in 'fear' over other people will see in terms of little computer cartoons on their screen... not an ideal course of action. Okay what does it have to do with this post?? Honestly your post would have been way more meaning without all the extra. You dont have to be a smart ass to get your point across <---yea i said that <---yea i ment that
  19. Innula Zenovka wrote: How many viewers do you say can't see mesh? Im not exactly sure the number. I myself see it I use Firestorm 3.2, but my friend who uses Phoenix cannot see it.
  20. MuffinUnsane wrote: The way I see it, what's the big deal if someone without a mesh enabled viewer sees you? Mostly likely they know its mesh and its not big thing. Just a silly little sphere. Its the simple fact that, some Mesh things are expensive. Your not buying expensive stuff just so you and a couple others can see it. If that's the case what's the point? The whole idea of Mesh is to look better and more realistic. But if all people see is a sphere when they look at you, your basically paying over 500L to wear a sphere
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