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  1. I bought what is called a sim in a box, all buildings, trees and plants, animals. But need the raw file for the land, so it will all work correctly. In the note card, creator gave a email address to write to to request the raw file, it came back as undeliverable, also she has not responded to my messages in world. I think I just got ripped off 15,000 lindens. She has a large store in world, so thought she was reliable. Guess you can't trust anyone in SL any longer
  2. I got the iphone sl notifier. asking for the server url, how can I located that?
  3. kwajkid

    Full region

    I'm thinking of purchasing a full undelveloped region. Is there any where in world I can see them? The 1 picture of the regions don't show a lot.
  4. kwajkid

    limit buy

    I made a mistake without researching it before, I bought lindens with LindeX Currency Limit Buy. has not shown up yet. How long does it take and can I cancel it? It shows in my account history
  5. kwajkid

    Outfits gone

    Today, all of a sudden my outfits folders are empty. I have done a clean reinstall of firestorm. Still nothing. I have checked the SL viewer and CtrlAltStudio viewer, my outfits are all there in those 2, but not in firestorm, any suggestions?
  6. kwajkid

    Script errors

    The crtl+alt+t did it. Sorry to bother you, thought this was a forum for helping others, not being rude.
  7. kwajkid

    Script errors

    I received a script to animate my avi from a friend, I was to wear it, but instead I dropped the box on my land, it is a fireworks script. now I have permanent fireworks on the land and whenever I tp from my land to anywhere else, I get script errors for it. I have tired everything I can think of to delete the fireworks, any suggestions?
  8. kwajkid

    Windows 10

    Just upgraded to windows 10, works fine with SL, but today I was using Firestorm and tried to take a picture and I got stuck, could not do anything, had to reboot my computer. Tried it a couple times and kept having to reboot. Went on with the SL Viewer and it worked fine. Is this a Windows 10 issue?
  9. kwajkid

    Derendering someone

    Is it possible to derender someone without being near them? I blocked them, but still see there name and they are a green cloud. I want to totally blacklist them
  10. Is it possible to post a picture on someone elses feed? My partners birthday is tomorrow and want take a picture wishing him a happy birthday
  11. kwajkid


    Trying to put a texture on a sphere, how to get the texture to show on the inside of the sphere? Its shows on the outside of the sphere, but not the inside
  12. kwajkid


    About mesh clothing. With some mesh clothing I have to adjust my avi to fit the clothes right. Is it possible to save what I have done just for that outfit, seems I have to adjust my avi everytime I change outfits
  13. How do I disable the audio and media stream playing function in my viewer. Firestorm. The reason I am asking, I just found out the club owner of a club I go to is using the red zone thing. Don't know much about it, but I know it can see you IP address. No one should have the right to know that unless I say ok.
  14. kwajkid

    Editing mesh

    Hi have a mesh shirt that doesn't fit exactly right, is there a way to edit it to make it fit better?
  15. I got me a skybox, when rezzed it and went up in it, I got stuck, tp's back to my land. Now cannot get to skybox, any suggestions?
  16. kwajkid


    I purchased some lindons last night, but still have not received them. Does anyone know what is going on?
  17. Was wondering why sometimes in local I see some chat in a different color? Most is in white, sometimes see someones chat in brown
  18. kwajkid


    I was wondering how to ad a title above my name. I have seen some on here that have their user name, the new name, then a title above that, how can I do that?
  19. I have unchecked "play typing animation when chatting" but still happens. any suggestions?
  20. kwajkid

    Group name

    Is it possible to change group name?
  21. I was working on my house, on my land. do not know what happened, but all of a sudden I was in the ground, when I came back cannot enter that part of house, HELP.
  22. kwajkid

    Land access

    Is it possible for me to give my partner on here permission to change the land access from public to group and back again?
  23. kwajkid

    Yelling in chat

    All of a sudden both in IM and Local chat everything is in caps. Don't think I changed any of my settngs, any help?
  24. Cannot upload photo to feed, getting message "Failed to upload image to your profile feed". Any Ideas?
  25. kwajkid

    sky box

    my friend just got a piece of land and put a sky box above. He sent me the landmark for the sky box, but I just tp to his main land, not the sky box. When he is in the sky box he can tp to it. Any help?
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