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  1. my kind of windows that i have is window 8 & i can't get onto second life at all what do i need to do to get to be able to get on second life someone please help me.
  2. what do i need to do to get second life on my windows 8 labtop please let me know please thank you
  3. hi this is LoveAngel Madeye i had last night $600.00 L taken from Vidlock Resident i think cause i pulled out my greedy table & did what i needed & then my money went to that person so now i have none even though i never paid them before & don't know who that is at all. if you can help me please let me know cause i know i never paid him at all please help me i need my L back please. thank you <script id="overlay_tmpl" type="text/html">// <div id="<%= overlayId %>" class="_mp3rocket_overlay_style" style="left: <%= overlayLeft %>; top: <%= overlayTop %>; width: <%= overlayWidth %>; height: <%= overlayHeight %>"></div> // </script>
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